November 2019

Journey Enhancements

Within this release, users can now duplicate a Custom Journey inside an Organization. Users can opt for whether content should be duplicated as well. Duplicate journeys and content are placed in the original asset folder. Data selections are not duplicated but remain the same for the duplicated content. This adds to the existing duplication support for Recurring Batch and AB Journeys.

SMS Component Enhancements

To broaden advanced support for multiple SMS aggregators, users now are able to support the inclusion of Custom Fields. This enables users to include SMS provider specific output fields in the journey, for example, using a ‘validity period’ for an offer to cease messages being sent after the offer has lapsed.

Email Attachment Support

Included within this release is support for two types of attachments to email messages sent through Selligent Marketing Cloud. The first (*.vcf) allows contact cards to be attached to the email, and the second (*.ics) supports appointment events. Visibility Constraints can be applied to attachments making them only visible to qualifying email recipients.

Content Block Enhancements

Several enhancements were included within this release to provide consistency of functionality with other content types supported in Selligent Marketing Cloud. Unsubscribe links can now be directly created in content block message content, and additionally, links can now be assigned Analytics Tags to allow tracking. Finally, additional variable types are now supported for DateTime and Date which provides a date and time picker to the user to define the variables within the content block.

Segment Enhancements

Users are now able to duplicate Dynamic Segments which copies them to the original segment source folder. This enables rapid definition of multiple dynamic segments which share similar criteria with small variations. In addition, now when selecting Segments, for example within a Message, users can search for a segment for improved user experience.

Reporting Enhancements

In addition to the existing journey overview export to CSV, users are now able to export data from the Details, Delivery and Email tab. Users also now have the option to sort metrics on the Detail view of a journey report, to compare and contrast performance on specific interactions.