November 2018

Segment Builder Enhancements

Users can combine multiple fields of a single 1:N list with a single constraint, for example, build segments on specific purchase data (1:N linked, potentially multiple levels deep with orders > order lines > products as a data model) to select all contacts with an order > 500 euros in the last month for which there was a pair of shoes in the order.

Advanced Asset Management

Support is now provided for folders so that users can organize assets. The initial release starts with support for folders related to content and journey assets, which will be expanded in future releases.

Shop Tracker & Script

Support is now provided for Selligent Marketing Cloud users to create their shop tracker script within Selligent Marketing Cloud to track revenue associated with an email, without the need to setup in Campaign.

Facebook Custom Audience Enhancements

Enhancements Users of Selligent Marketing Cloud now have the ability to match on more fields than just email address – a feature that was made available in September 2018 to Campaign users.

GDPR Enhancements for Site

For increased support for GDPR we have built out the API to answer all Data Subject Requests for data collection or removal within 30 days to scale requests handled over existing manual process. This feature specifically relates to Site data only.

Business User Reporting

Starting with the email activity related dashboards with support for both Campaign and Selligent related journey metrics – with a handful of pilot phase clients initially involved to provide feedback before making generally available in a subsequent release. In addition, our generic exports will be extended to support Selligent MC Organization data. This capability enables users to evaluated cross-organization journey metrics in their preferred third party Business Intelligence application.

Video in Email

Support is now provided for users to include videos in email, the same as we use images today, with fall-back options for email clients that do not support video streaming.