Allstate, a national auto insurance company, boosted loyalty program registrations and engagement through behavioral data segmentation and dynamic content




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The Customer

As one of America’s largest insurance companies, Allstate is dedicated to insuring the safety and security of everything from homes to cars, and much more. Headquartered in Illinois, Allstate operates 18 companies in the United States, Canada, and India.


Jayna Tortora

“This success was rooted in deep strategic insight and email best practices, creative focus, a trusted client partnership, and execution on an industry-leading omnichannel platform.”

Jayna Tortora
Marketing Manager, Omnichannel Ops
Deluxe Rewards (an agency to Allstate)


The Challenge

Allstate relies on an email campaign called “Drive-to-Register” to invite its registered customers to join the loyalty program. At the time, Allstate relied on its agency partner Deluxe Rewards to create and manage Allstate’s Drive-to-Register emails. After being in the market for six months, the Allstate Rewards loyalty program began seeing a steady drop in engagement.

“Our objective was simple: to significantly increase program registrations among eligible Allstate customers,” said Jayna Tortora, Marketing Manager at Deluxe Rewards. “It’s easy to motivate and engage customers early in the lifecycle of a new loyalty program. Our challenge was to engage an already ‘tired’ email audience,” Tortora explains.

Partnering with Deluxe and Selligent, Allstate revived the “Drive-to-Register” email creative and deployment. But first, they established a stronger campaign foundation through behavioral data segmentation. “We looked at the entire email process – creative, deployment, reporting – to determine how we could best proceed,” said Tortora. Using Selligent’s targeting tools, Deluxe team divvied unregistered Allstate customers into cohorts based on various criteria:

  • Account profile data (amount of cash and points a customer has accumulated, In-trial user or not)
  • Email engagement (engaged or disengaged, based on the recent opens and clicks)

With Selligent’s template system and dynamic content capabilities, Allstate was able to deliver content targeted to customer preferences. Deluxe further optimized campaign through use of Selligent’s testing suite for creative and subject line testing. Today the program consists of 9 waves deployed monthly, with over 20 different versions supporting 7 unique customer segments.

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