July 2020

List Unsubscribe Enhancements

Several enhancements were made to the List Unsubscribe function within this release. List Unsubscribe is a link automatically added to messages that allows the recipient to optout for all communications over all channels.

The backend functions have been changed to only accept POST requests, which will restrict unsubscribe actions to valid user clicks and ensure users are not wrongly unsubscribed due to spam detection engines.

It is now possible to de-activate the List Unsubscribe function. When it is de-activated, no List Unsubscribe header is added to the message allowing you to control the unsubscribe process more finely via in-body links and messaging that directs users to unsubscribe journeys.

It is also now possible to override the standard behavior of the List Unsubscribe and redirect the user to an existing Custom Journey where the List Unsubscribe will be managed, allowing you more control over the user experience whilst keeping the List Unsubscribe header active.

Admin Configuration Enhancements

Folder Rights is a feature that is behind a feature toggle and needs to be activated explicitly for your environment.

Within the Nungu (v4.4) Release, users can be given access to specific folders and subfolders. For the user to benefit from these folder rights a permission needs to be set. Configuration of folder rights for a group is done through the Access Management section.

Setting folder rights has the following impacts:

  • Users can only see folders they have access to, and therefore, can only create assets in those folders.
  • When creating a journey and selecting a content using assets in a folder with no access, a warning message is displayed, and the content cannot be selected.
  • When accessing journeys or content that use assets in folders they do not have access to, the user is informed and will be unable to open the journey or content.
  • The List Usage dialog provides insight into the journeys and content which use that list. If a user does not have access to the folders in which these journeys or content reside, they will not be listed in the overview. However, the number on the top menu which indicates the total number of times the list is used in journeys or content, does not take into account folder rights. The same applies to the Usage dialogs for Custom Components and Content Blocks.
  • When new folders are created, the user and as a result the group, will automatically be given access to this folder. If the user is a member of several groups for the same organization, all these groups will have access to the new folder.
  • Fly-out menus, overview pages and selectors only give access to assets in folders the user can access.
  • Recent assets (lists, content, journeys) in the fly-out menu residing in a folder which the user does not have access to, cannot be clicked.
  • In the Reports section, you only have access to reports on journeys and their messages that are in folders you have access to.

Dedicated permissions have been created for Reporting and Dashboards within this release. They are available as two distinct permissions when defining a permission set. These settings can be found in the Access Management section.

Journey Enhancements

The ability to cancel journeys was introduced in the Maypop (v4.3) Release. Within this release, users can now view how many emails were already processed from a Cancel Journey dialog displayed after the journey has been cancelled.

The ability to pause journeys already existed but is now available as an option for Single Batch, Recurring Batch and AB Journeys within the Nungu (v4.4) Release. When pausing a journey, links in emails and pages remain available. Changes can be made, saved, validated and published while a journey is paused. Journeys can then be resumed and newly processed messages will contain the changed content.

Custom AB Journeys

The Nungu (v4.4) Release introduces the ability to create a Custom Journey with an AB Component, allowing users more options after the test results are handled.

The functionality of the new AB Component has the same capabilities as the existing AB Journey wizard, including the definition of the percentage of the test group size, interval between the test and the selection of a winner, and the criteria to determine the winning version.

New Properties Panel for Content

A three-level navigation has been added to the Properties panel in Content and the properties are split over multiple pages.

The properties are now grouped by Basic properties, Advanced, Audience, Data, and Language related properties, and Info and History properties.

Rich Mobile Push

The Nungu (v4.4) Release extends from text only push notifications to supporting rich content.

Now when creating the Push notification, users can toggle the option to include rich content such as images, Live Content, or a Smart Content image.

This feature requires the new version of the SDK to be upgraded in the mobile app.

Smart Content Enhancements

Improvements have been made to alert users when a filter configured in Selligent Cortex has been broken due to changes in the Selligent Cortex catalog. The Filter rule is displayed with red boarders and the value causing the problem is also displayed in red.

When defining Smart Content, the height of an image is now an optional field and the only required value is the image width.

Smart Audiences in SMC

The Nungu (v4.4) Release supports the concept of Smart Audiences in SMC. Smart Audiences is a feature within Selligent Cortex that allows you to narrow your audience, targeting only the individuals who will be most receptive to each specific message to achieve higher-performance campaigns.

Smart Audiences created in Selligent Cortex are now also available as Static Segments in Selligent Marketing Cloud. The segment is linked to the Audience list that is configured in the Site Universe settings for the integration between Site and Selligent Marketing Cloud.

Fly-Out Menu Enhancements

To improve the usability of fly-out menus, a number of enhancements have been made within this release.

Users may now sort fly-out menu assets by date and alphabetical order.

The Filter icon now gives access to a drop-down to change the Filter options. You can choose to display all assets, all assets in the current context, or a specific type of asset.

Empty folders are now preceded by the open folder icon to easily identify which folders contain assets and which do not.

It is now also possible to retrieve the Folder ID from the overview or from the fly-out menu. The Folder ID is required for API functions that require folders to be specified.

Segment Builder Enhancements

Enhancements have been made when using a date in a constraint within the Segment Builder.

Two new tabs have replaced the drop-down field to select standard dates or a specific date part: date time and date part. Choosing ‘date time’ presents the calendar picker as before. When choosing ‘date part’ a drop-down field lets you select which date part to use.

Once the date settings are configured, an info tooltip at the top provides an explanation of the result of the configured filter.

API Enhancements

Several new methods have been added to the API:

  • Use the Folder location for single Batch journeys
  • Use the Folder location for Content/Email
  • Retrieve all dictionaries
  • Retrieve a dictionary
  • Create a dictionary
  • Update a dictionary
  • Delete a dictionary
  • Retrieve all labels in a dictionary
  • Delete a label from the dictionary
  • Create a label in the dictionary

Facebook API Update

The Nungu (v4.4) Release updates the Facebook API to the latest version 7.0 and is required for all users using the Facebook Custom Audience integration. The previous version of the API will be deprecated in August 2020.