Retail Reply

Retail Reply is the company, inside the Reply Group, focused and specialized on the RETAIL MARKET. It’s an applicative Company, merging Processes and strategic Consultancies skills alongside with Delivery and technological capabilities. Retail Reply places itself, within the national and international landscape of the Retail market, with a primary role in consultancy and System Integration, being able to implement Digital Retail Strategy projects. Retail Reply is present in the physical-digital convergence of the store with innovative store management solutions (from store operations, to content management, including the hiring of customers in digital stores) as well as in design services and implementation of disruptive customer engagement solutions.

Partnership Overview

Retail Reply and Selligent works together with proved success till 2017. Thanks to our specific retail competences, we’re able to assist our customers in complex digital transformation projects. Our strengths is the deep knowledge in the physical and digital processes and a consolidated data driven approach to our implementation design.

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