How can you serve
a customer you can’t see?

For years companies have sat on a gold mine of data that’s often siloed among departments. No longer. Selligent Experience Cloud has arrived to help companies finally get a clear, integrated view of their customers.

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We’ve built an intelligent engagement platform that not only manages customer interactions, but helps you focus on your customers as unique individuals. Our Universal Profile brings intelligence into the contact center by providing a full data picture of every customer. Now, you can tie contact, interaction and transaction histories, with CRM data, web preferences and behaviors, to drive truly connected, holistic customer and employee experiences.

Selligent is a trusted player in the CX space, serving leading brands around the world. Our platform provides companies with the ability to deliver:


Universal Profile

  • Centralized view of all relevant data, consolidated and aggregated
  • Universal Profile drives intelligent actions through Selligent Experience Cloud
  • Stores all key information based on purchase history and prior omnichannel interactions

Web To Sales/Service Journey

  • Identify anonymous or known customers browsing website, map to Universal Profiles
  • Enable segmentation and targeting of customers on web based on Universal Profile/Segmentation
  • Leverage existing contact center channels (Inbound Voice, Web Chat, Web Callback) to engage customers

Proactive Engagement

  • Enables companies to proactively engage customers via outbound interactions
  • Automatically trigger outbound messages to customers via QM, XM, other platforms
  • Drive engagement/re-engagement following conversation, post-contact survey, and positive/negative experience

Agent Insights

  • Provides agents with real-time customer insights to guide contextual call handling
  • Serves relevant product suggestions to agents to create unique sales opportunities
  • Enables delivery of post-call communications of product recommendations

Selligent CX Success Stories

Leading brands around the world are transforming the customer journey with Selligent.
Here’s how some of them have delivered a new level of customer experiences.

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Selligent Experience Cloud is part of a new generation of solutions that is enabling companies to empower their employees to drive their business forward through comprehensive, connected customer intelligence.

Sheila McGee Smith President and Principal Analyst
McGee-Smith Analytics

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Business leaders need to expand their aperture when it comes to CX and focus on redefining customer engagement. Selligent is one of the leading solution providers for bringing disparate silos together, providing a 360-degree view of the customer journey and enabling businesses to provide differentiated interactions.

Zeus Kerravala Founder and Principal Analyst
ZK Research

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