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Países Bajos es el principal proveedor holandés de escapadas y viajes de fin de semana. La compañía tiene una amplia gama de webs que ofrecen los diferentes tipos de estancias cortas. Los clientes pueden, entre otras cosas, reservar una estancia en un hotel, casa rural, bungalows o camping, e incluso reservar un mini-crucero, utilizando diversos criterios tales como la ubicación y las instalaciones.

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In total, runs ten websites, each with a specific focus. The most popular site is, the online destination for people seeking a weekend away. It has been elected as the best travel website in 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008, and is followed closely by

Although also has a website for business travelers, leisure and the consumer are what the company is mainly about. The online properties are key in the business model of the company. Manager Joop de Vries: "We have developed all websites internally and have a very hands-on approach in further developing our offering in function of market evolutions and opportunities in the travel and leisure market."

Optimizing customer experiences and true two-way dialogues

Despite its online business model,'s main business is not really e-commerce. It's customer service, experience and loyalty. And that's where Selligent Interactive Marketing plays a crucial role.

As an online business, intensively uses email for all activities regarding travel reservations and for newsletters. Besides these email newsletters, the company also combines its email program with various scenarios and other programs including surveys, customer reviews and a loyalty program. A cross-channel and triggered strategy that is fully managed with Selligent Interactive Marketing.

Joop de Vries: "We consider ourselves as a service organization. Behind all the websites is a dedicated team consisting of several people that assist our customers with travel arrangements, possible problems and having an excellent break. The customer experience is key and when we need to intervene in certain cases we do so, before and during the holiday."

Mr. de Vries gives an example of a customer that booked in late in a hotel in Switzerland whereby the booking was annulated and his staff intervened to take the necessary arrangements. This dedication to customer service and the customer experience reflects on the availability of the team but also on the way the company uses Selligent Interactive Marketing to provide the best possible experience. Loyal customers are and must be the result. And this starts when customers visit the site and arrange a short holiday break.

Selligent Interactive Marketing transforms customer service

To ensure this, provides various online tools and mechanisms, all powered by Selligent Interactive Marketing:

  • When a customer books a trip the data are sent to Selligent Interactive Marketing. Prior to leaving for their trip, customers receive a mail that wishes them a nice stay and provides them with travel tips. The content for these mails is generated by editors that visit various destinations but also by the customers themselves (user-generated content).
  • Customers are invited to share their findings and reviews via surveys, also powered by Selligent Interactive Marketing. They can attribute a certain score to the place where they spent their break. Selligent Interactive Marketing calculates all scores that are then updated on the websites and in the newsletters.
  • has a customer loyalty program, called Weekendsmiles. Customers get Weekendsmiles points each time they book a holiday but also on their birthdays and when participating to the above mentioned surveys. When 15 points are gathered, customers receive a reduction for their next trip. The Weekendsmiles program is a cross-channel one since it is coupled to surveys, online reservations but also to the email marketing program. Customers for instance receive an email on their birthday containing their Weekendsmiles gift and thus bringing again under their attention, on top of the regular newsletters.
  • Since the opinion and experience of's customers is so important, the company needs a dashboard that enables it to have a detailed and graphical overview of comments and scores regarding the hotels and other holiday places it offers. This customer reporting system is also fed with Selligent Interactive Marketing data.

Multi-channel operations and service excellence

With an ongoing focus on servicing its customers and improving both experience and loyalty, is looking at new opportunities to reach new customers and even better serve existing ones. The changes in the online behavior further enhance this.

Joop de Vries: "These days most people are searching via Google. This results in decreasing brand recognition, a challenge for all businesses and a fact we need to anticipate on. We are testing new possibilities such as mobile media and social media. The latter is among others important for social media monitoring and customer experience."

It seems will continue to strengthen what the company is really all about: operational and service excellence by focusing on its customer in an integrated multi-channel and feedback-driven way. The importance of what customers think and need is a key driver in its current and future operations.

Selligent Interactive Marketing makes it possible to combine all these efforts, automatically trigger the necessary customer interactions and return the insights and input from's customers.

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