Opel, one of Europe’s leading automakers, chose Selligent to understand the customer lifecycle and deploy cross-channel marketing campaigns, which succeeded in boosting the conversion rate for subscribers to a much higher 8%.




Retail Y Consumo

Agency Ematters BV



The Customer

 Opel has existed for over a century. More than 110 years of passion for technology and cars summarized in three words” Wir leben Autos.”

“We live cars.”

Cars play an important role in our daily lives. Opel wanted to maintain a relationship with consumers and be part of the “important car moments” in their lives.

The Challenge

They needed insight into the entire lifecycle of the driver to understand when and how they use and buy their cars.

The key to this insight was access to data. Opel captured data from numerous sources. It had to be aggregated and then analyzed to identify new target audiences and the motivations that would inspire them.

Then a campaign had to be structured leveraging all channels, online and offline, where the target audience interacts around the motivation theme.

The Results

Selligent’s flexible system and Ematters guidance allowed Opel to capture new subscribers and insight on their car preferences as survey responses were written into the database. Those preferences were then used to personalize follow-up communications about the contest and winners.

Automated journeys prompted entrants all along the way and encouraged them to share the survey with friends in email and on Facebook to increase participation. 

Over 20,000 people participated in the survey with a conversion rate of 8%. The campaign exceeded all planned KPIs.

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