Email marketing trends: towards one seamless cross-channel experience


In the 2011 Trends Report: Email Marketing, looked at the major email marketing trends of this year. While churn, retention, engagement and mobile are clear trends, cross-channel marketing and the multi-channel customer are omnipresent.

List churn is something email marketers cite often as their biggest concern. With inactive percentages reaching as high as 50% of a list, the question of how to re-engage these subscribers is understandably a big issue.

As the report  points out, generally poor results from re-engagement campaigns mean it's better to focus on not having the churn in the first place. This means the smart money is on good welcome and triggered email campaigns which keep the subscriber engaged from the start and the interaction relevant and valuable to them.

Mobile email: are you ready?

More people with more communication options mean more channels to interact with them on. At the most basic level this means you have to optimize your email design to be mobile device friendly, but more than this, it means you have to have a strategy and tools at hand to communicate effectively with the multi-channel consumer.

One of the authors, Dylan Boyd, made a good excellent point in the report when he calls the inbox a "moving target". He's absolutely right because the inbox of the future will travel with the consumer across any number of possible channels and to the multi-channel consumer, this is a seamless experience or at least it should be. Mobile marketing in general is gaining importance but email on mobile devices is becoming a mainstream activity among consumers.

The coming of the multi-channel consumer

All the components (channels) of your marketing campaigns much be integrated in a customer-centric, data-driven and cross-channel way to provide for that seamless experience. From social to mobile, the consumer must feel as if they are that frog leaping from one lily pad to the next.

People will hop from one channel to the next at their leisure with or without you being there. If your lily pad isn't there for them to land on, they will leap to someone else's without giving it a second thought. When they land you need to have the ability to be there for them.

Combining marketing automation with your human resources to ensure you have that landing place for the customer no matter where they leap will ensure you won't end up all wet in the sales process either. Effectively combining automation to drive triggered and event-driven emails, optimize landing pages, putting the cross-channel customer in the centre of the universe and delivering content based on behavior and buying journey, regardless of channels, is the future of marketing.

In today's marketing world, getting there is half the fun, but being there when they arrive is much more important.


Do you want to engage the multi-channel consumer?

Today's customer is cross-channel and he/she is at the centre of sales and marketing.

Communication channels depend on the consumer and marketing is about engaging the cross-channel customer and prospect throughout integrated dialogues that are driven by his/her buying journey, preferences, triggers, signals and behaviour.

Discover why your business should move to an integrated marketing approach step by step and how.

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