The business case for personalization


People increasingly expect personalized messages across all channels. They seek more personal interactions, one of the many success factors of social media. They want to be treated as human beings instead of email addresses.

Personalization is not an option anymore because consumers want it, as they are getting used to have more personal interactions.

As much as they dislike faceless companies and want you to regain their trust by being approached in a less intrusive, more personal and more valuable way, the consumers' expectations are not the only reason why personalization is a must.

Failing to personalize means losing money

Businesses that fail to engage customers by using personalization techniques and a human interaction lose money.

There is a huge hidden cost in e-mail marketing and other tactics when failing to personalize: less engagement and deliverability challenges, decreasing conversions and the cost of opportunity: what you could be achieving by personalizing and segmenting better, while testing the results of each extra effort in that regard.

Advanced personalization (and segmentation), going beyond the obvious, is also one of the most important elements in avoiding marketing fatigue.

Total personalization: the importance of data and a cross-channel approach

Furthermore, personalization is not just about the 'usual suspects' such as -email marketing. It's a cross-channel effort that's integrated with all marketing and customer data. It's your path towards long-term customer relationships.

Data-driven personalization is a key change agent for e-mail marketing. The more you now, the better you can personalize. But more importantly: the more relevant and 'human' you become. Personalization is not a goal: it's a way to increase conversions and engage people in a better way. It's about integrating what you do around the customer.

Personalization has to be total. Consumers become increasingly adept at blocking out the rubbish in the messages they receive. You can achieve consistent personalization across your website and outbound channels. And you can do this based on any type of data: consumer preferences, previous responses, behavioral data, purchasing history etc., tailoring your messages to their exact needs.

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