Weka Media publishing, Germany’s largest technical publisher, uses Selligent to gain insight into customer buying behavior and optimized data control, which has enabled it to bridge the gap between print and digital media.


Weka Media Publishing


Agency Burda




The Customer

Weka Media publishing is the largest technological publisher in Germany that publishes a wide range of titles including Connect Android – Europe’s largest magazine on the Android platform as well as PC Magazine, Color Photo and men’s lifestyle magazine, DMAX.

The Challenge

Weka Media Publishing wanted to reconnect their brands with the customers. The vision was to understand their customers better and to monetize this knowledge into the selling of more subscriptions to them.

Weka Media Publishing’s objectives were clear:

  • Gain a clearer image of their customers
  • Create a single repository of information
  • Monitor the click rate
  • Reach a larger audience for their products
  • Have a multichannel link between their expertise in print media and the digital world

Weka Media Publishing approached BurdaDirect – who is an independent subsidiary of Hubert Burda Media. BurdaDirect supports its clients as a full service provider to cope with the strategic, procedural and technological challenges of their on- and offline business models. The company enables its customers to tap new sources of revenue in customer management and e-commerce.

BurdaDirect is a partner of Selligent.


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