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Kluwer Belgien, Teil der Wolters Kluwer Group, ist ein Informations Provider mit vielseitigen Geschäftsfeldern. Zielgruppe des Unternehmens sind Berufstätige mit rechtlichen oder regulatorischen Problemen.

Kluwer Training organizes no less than 1,500 training sessions and seminars each year. They train over 25,000 active professionals from 5,000 organizations. Selligent helps the company deliver automated and segmented communications to the participants in its training programs, increase cross-selling and conquer new clients.

Integrating the different points of contact

Kluwer Training's offering is divided into two parts: the open training programs, open to all-comers, and the so-called 'in-company' programs, tailored to a particular organization. For the latter, Kluwer Training generally leverages its direct sales channel. But for in-company training, they have opted for a multi-channel approach, with Selligent taking charge of the email campaign management.

Carla Godts, Marketing Manager at Kluwer Training, explains: "we want to generate a maximum of contact moments. To do that we use segmented direct marketing whenever possible. Flyers and email marketing are very important to our approach. At the same time, we aim for visibility on specialized channels (websites, trade magazines, etc.), at events, in (online) communities, on social media, or through SEO. We try to be present where potential clients are active, working and in need of information."

Marketing scenarios enable segmentation and automation

In this respect, Selligent is involved in different scenarios, depending on the client. That can range from up-selling or cross-selling operations, through to satisfaction surveys.

"Our training offering is huge and we want to provide every person with information only on topics that fit their specific needs," she explains. "We regularly send out a calendar to 150,000 contacts, segmented in function of their centers of interest. We deduce these centers of interest from a person's function and the purchases he or she has made, from the information stored in our CRM system and synchronized with Selligent."

"Naturally, we constantly monitor the quality of our products," she adds. "To do that, we use an online survey that is sent to each participant at the end of their training program. That way, we can gauge client satisfaction and, if necessary, adapt the contents or change trainer. We have a variety of other automatic campaigns, too. When someone shows an interest in a training program, we advise them of the forthcoming session dates. Similarly, someone who has gone through basic training is invited to attend the next stage, and so on."

The automation provided by Selligent offers Kluwer Training a number of advantages - which indeed was the deciding factor when they selected their platform.

As Godts points out, "compared to the manual system we were using before, we can now enable our clients to modify and manage their profiles according to their preferences. This was not possible previously. Selligent has allowed us to save on human resources and given us a direct financial benefit. Thanks to the extensive features for integrating and synchronizing our databases, we are able to send highly customized emails weekly or daily."

The future: growth and pursuit of channel integration

To optimize contact frequency, Kluwer Training is preparing to deploy the pressure marketing in Selligent, enabling marketing specialists to harmonize the different campaigns. And they are currently looking at other possibilities such as social networks and inbound marketing offered by Selligent.

"The impact of emails is gradually waning. When we started doing email marketing five or six years ago, the open rate was very high. Today, you have to fight for attention in the inbox. So we continue to investigate complementary channels. In this respect, the possibility to integrate the social media, and others, is very important to us," Godts concludes.


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