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Selligent Cortex is a native AI layer within the Selligent Marketing Cloud platform that combines all the consumer data available in the platform with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, to help you boost conversion, visitor engagement and loyalty.

Our user-friendly interface allows marketers to be independent and to quickly and easily select different algorithms and business rules to create highly personal and effective customer experiences at scale.

Smart Content

Smart Content makes it possible for marketers to dynamically personalize content and offers, uniquely tailored to each consumer’s needs. Smart Content uses state-of-the-art, machine learning algorithms to deliver content recommendations in real-time, combining both behavioral and contextual data with marketer-specific business logic.

Smart Audiences

With the dynamic nature of marketing, it’s not always just about the recommendations you can spinup, it’s also about identifying the right targets for specific offers. Smart Audiences allows you to narrow your audience to achieve higher-performance campaigns. Now, you can target only the individuals who will be most receptive to each specific message – individually personalizing to those who will find the content or offers interesting and relevant – while eliminating those not likely to be interested.

Send-Time Optimization

With Send-Time Optimization, you can now optimize your email send times at the point of execution based on prior customer opens and the overall behavioral trends of the individual. Brands can leverage this capability to help drive higher open rates. Our Send-Time-Optimization algorithm is particularly effective, as it can be “trained” to take behavioral data in the platform (including website tracking and interactions on other channels such as mobile and SMS), into account when calculating optimal send time.

Selligent Cortex Useful Resources

Dive into our selection of useful content to get a feel for how Selligent Cortex can help you boost your marketing programs.

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