Neckermann, Belgium's largest tour operator, dramatically increased website traffic using Selligent to create omnichannel campaigns that leveraged a holistic view of the customer based on all behavioral, web and email data in its CRM system.




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The Customer

Neckermann is the largest Belgian tour operator that offers a wide range of travel products and services, providing its customers a carefree vacation at a low price.

December and January are considered peak sales months for the travel industry during which all tour operators try to entice travelers with their best “early booking” summer vacation specials

The Challenge

With the increase of self-organized vacations, enabled by low cost online-only providers, the market for tour operators has become even more competitive.

To stay relevant, Neckermann had to present travelers with highly personalized offers while also showcasing its extensive product portfolio highlighting the benefits of booking through an omni-channel company like itself. 

To accomplish this, Neckermann decided to launch an omnichannel Fall campaign to increase brand awareness and customer engagement, promote its summer offer with the launch of the new brochure while simultaneously enriching customer and prospect profile data to be used for sales season communication the following month.

The Results

With the help of Selligent, Neckermann was able to drive people from the shop (offline) to their website (online) and create a holistic and complete view of their customers by merging all behavioral, web and email data in their CRM system.

The 360° customer view enabled Neckermann to target each traveler at the right time with the right message, which led to an increase in summer vacation sales and a positive brand image. 

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