Zalando, Europe’s leading fashion e-commerce platform, created a new, flexible data architecture designed to minimize complexity and supercharge efficiency.








The Customer

As one of Europe’s leading companies, Zalando’s regional platforms are custom-tailored to the needs of customers in over 15 European markets. In the First Quarter of 2017, Zalando’s international e-commerce shops averaged over 200 million visits per month and  over 21 million active customers.

The Challenge

Zalando’s customer communications strategy revolves around delivering personalized communications with highly relevant content. This type of targeted engagement requires comprehensive customer data, which needs to be segmented and selected accordingly. Zalando handles these complex segmentation and data selection processes in-house in its dedicated CRM department. However, spreading responsibilities across various stakeholders and regional departments increased complexity and also slowed down internal processes.

Selligent was faced with the challenge of providing all CRM teams with easy access to large amounts of customer data, ready to be leveraged and used flexibly in their day-to-day business. Ultimately, this data needed to form a strong foundation for personalising customer emails and segmenting through behavioral data.

The Results

Working closely with Selligent, Zalando’s team revamped their existing data framework and created a flexible data architecture that could provide regionally disparate CRM teams with the tools they needed to create, deploy, and report on daily campaigns independently. The new framework unlocked additional benefits in data administration as well: Based on managers’ preferences, extension tables could be updated automatically at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.

This strong data foundation, combined with Selligent’s responsive design templates and streamlined workflows, allows marketing managers to easily target content to specific users with a speed and efficiency not possible before.

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