Opel, one of Europe’s leading automakers, chose Selligent Marketing Cloud to create future-proof and highly dynamic lifecycle campaigns to nurture leads, which succeeded in boosting database growth by 30 percent





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The Customer

 Opel is a German automobile manufacturer that prides itself on changing the world through innovations in its products and services. 

 With over 110 years of car manufacturing innovation, Opel's company passion can be summarized in three words” Wir leben Autos.”

The Challenge

Opel acknowledged that they need new email addresses and quality data on current and potential Opel customers in order to onboard, prepare and nurture them to gain sales.

The key to this insight was access to data. Opel built a future-proof database for relevant campaigns, connected various data sources, and developed a data model designed for their requirements.

Opel's new data ecosystem now helps strategically drive customer journeys forward.

The Results

Selligent Marketing Cloud's flexible data architecture and Ematters' guidance allowed Opel to capture new subscribers and create a highly dynamic lifecycle campaign, designed to nurture leads and drive purchases of Opel automobiles. 

Selligent Site continuously feeds behavioral data from the website and emails to improve the customer journey and enrich the customer experience. Probabilistic data models and predictive algorithms decide which campaign is automatically delivered to website visitors. The same behavioral data is now being applied to Facebook Custom Audiences using Selligent Marketing Cloud's Facebook connector.

Opel's database grew 30 percent in 4 months, while the number of identified profiles increased over 473 percent. Approximately 16 percent of all Opel NL sales are now attributed to the new campaign.

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