Mercedes-Benz, a leading German automaker, used Selligent to create targeted, cross-channel campaigns to promote its new A-Class vehicle, resulting in increased subscriptions, open rates, and social media followers.





Agency DM Interface


The Netherlands

The Customer

Mercedes-Benz unveiled their New Generation Compact Car A-Class at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012. It offers to the market a radical design change with an elegant but yet sporty design.

Mercedes-Benz wanted this design to go with a new target market – Generation Y – and therefore a new marketing approach was needed.

The Challenge

Mercedes-Benz and DM Interface working in close cooperation decided to focus their marketing efforts on generating footfall to events such as shows and test drives. It was a high order. The goals were outlined as:

  • maintain interest of the target market over a number of months
  • generate a 60% open rate for a campaign newsletter
  • 50% enrollment rate for test drives with 500 confirmed

A strong synergy triangle was needed – Mercedes-Benz, DM Interface and Selligent.

The Results

Mercedes-Benz had high hopes for their A-Class campaign. 570 test drives were reserved and there was an open rate of 67% of emails. 27% of subscriptions came from Social Media. Overall, the campaign generated a show rate of 67% to the events organized.

The overall effect for Mercedes-Benz brand was positive. Targeting through Selligent exceeded initial objectives and created excitement across social media channels.

The contact details collected on the A-Class will be used in the future for other Mercedes products.