Marktplaats Aanbieding, a popular deal-of-the-day website in the Netherlands, increased its customer base by 16% and generated a 20X ROI by using Selligent to analyze customer data, target new segments, and optimize offers with A/B testing.


Marktplaats Aanbieding



Agency RapidSugar


The Netherlands

The Customer

Marktplaats Aanbieding is the deal-of-the-day sister website of Marktplaats – itself a subsidiary of online auction site, eBay. Marktplaats offers all sorts of deals from cars to furniture, and from jewelry to holidays; all with at least 50% off.

Marktplaats Aanbieding had just turned 3 years old.  Multistep dialogs were used to encourage users to sign up for Marktplaats Aanbieding. Every converted lead was individually tagged so Marktplaats Aanbieding could precisely see how loyal a lead turned out to be.

The Challenge

In 2013 Marktplaats Aanbieding decided to expand their operations by developing their database. 80% of their sales come from the channel email.. Their objective was simple: the bigger the database, the bigger the sales.

Marktplaats Aanbieding wanted to tap into the existing information pool of its sister site, Marktplaats, in order to grow its already substantial client base by 10% over a period of 1 month.

The Results

One hour after launch of the campaign, the Marktplaats Aanbieding servers crashed due to the volume of traffic generated by the campaign.

The company learned a unique insight into their customers by using Selligent. 5€ gift converted better during A/B testing in conjugation with “wait and see” email text by about 900%.

The initial goal was exceeded by 171% with a 16% growth of the database. Furthermore the campaign paid for itself 20 times over with 7.5% making a purchase in the first two months and 15% of those making a second purchase.

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