Kruidvat's, a Dutch retail, pharmacy, and drugstore chain, uses Selligent to automate its cross-channel customer loyalty program, which has led to increased conversion rates and more than 2 million website visits monthly.





Agency Oxyma


The Netherlands

The Customer

Kruidvat  has gained lots of experience in driving traffic to their shops using above-the-line communication as well as advertisement leaflets.

In addition to these traditional channels, Kruidvat and their agency Oxyma are always looking for additional and more innovative ways to communicate. In 2011 Kruidvat introduced the "Jouw Extra Voordeelkaart"; a personal customer loyalty card with special offers limited in time.

The Challenge

With the introduction of the loyalty card Kruidvat and Oxyma applied a cross-channel approach.

The offline channels consist of the point of sales material, the in-store registration and the loyalty card. The online channels consists of the website, web forms, email, and a mobile app.

Upon activation of a certain promotion, via mobile or via the website, the discount becomes available on the loyalty card to be used in the shop. 

The Results

On the website there is a daily segmentation resulting in the best match of available promotions. Via email more personalized interaction is made possible..

Today, there are a lot of registered users for the Kruidvat Loyalty Card. The digital extension of Kruidvat’s Loyalty Card is generating more than 6 million visits every 3 months. These interactions also generate 2.8 million activations. Resulting in a very successful conversion rate.

The successful introduction of the multi-channel loyalty program by Kruidvat and Oxyma has led to an impressive growth in card-owners and business results.   

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