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Joss & Main, a flash-sale site run by internet retailer giant Wayfair, relies on Selligent to reliably deliver millions of personalized sales event messages, which have been instrumental in the company’s success.


Joss & Main






The Customer

In January 2011, Wayfair officially launched its first private sale site called Joss & Main (

As the second-largest online retailer of home goods in the United States with over $500 million in sales in 2011, Wayfair wanted to create an enduring brand in the popular flash sale market by offering premium, one-of-a-kind home goods at alluring discounts of up to 70% off retail.

Every day, Joss & Main members can find excellent deals on all types of small gifts and large luxuries ranging from accent furniture, bedding, table settings and rugs to handmade chocolates and stationery. Unlike other private sale sites that adhere to a particular style or aesthetic, the driving philosophy of Joss & Main is discovery.

While a consumer’s own style is likely to be well-represented by Joss & Main’s selections, they are also likely to uncover a new interest in a traditional, transitional or modern piece.


Ed Macri


Ed Macri VP of Marketing and Business Intelligence
Wayfair (Parent Company of Joss & Main)

The Challenge

Wayfair’s move into flash sales was facilitated by the relationships that it already had with more than 5,000 brands, including such notable companies as Movado, Noritake, Phaidon, Laura Ashley, Palecek and Angela Adams.

However, given the limited inventory and short sale duration for each event, Wayfair executives knew they needed to find an email marketing solution that would allow them to deliver millions of sales events notifications during the same 10-minute window every day. Any delay in sending could cause some members to visit the sale after inventories had been depleted, potentially affecting customer satisfaction and retention.

In order to achieve its near real-time delivery requirement, Wayfair turned to Selligent, which has been successfully powering email marketing for its core e-commerce business for more than three years. Using Selligent, Wayfair has been running a very sophisticated and effective email marketing program for its outbound and triggered messages that leverages dynamic content to offer relevant messages at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

The Path to Success

"Selligent’s patented burst email delivery technology enables companies to deliver millions of personalized messages in less than 10 minutes. As a result, Selligent could guarantee that Joss & Main members would receive their sales events notifications at the same time every day. Selligent’s ability to reliably deliver all of Joss & Main’s sales events announcements at the same time every day has been instrumental in the company’s success.

In addition to high-performance delivery, Selligent’s enterprise-grade email marketing management capabilities offer Joss & Main the tools they need to maximize results from their email marketing programs. With real-time reporting, Joss & Main can quickly assess the performance of each campaign and immediately make any required changes to maximize results.

Selligent also features automated bounce management and unsubscribe processing to ensure CAN-SPAM compliance and maximum deliverability. Selligent’s Deliverability Tools enable Joss & Main to actively monitor their sender reputation, as well as test how and where their emails render in popular email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Outlook. Additionally, as a dedicated solution, Selligent offers Joss & Main the added benefit of owning its sender reputation, instead of one based on potentially shared and non-permanent IP addresses that are offered with traditional SaaS-based ESPs.

Key Benefits

  • 10-minute delivery window ensures equal opportunity to limited-time sales events
  • Maximum inbox delivery and real-time reporting
  • Scalability to accommodate business growth
  • Automated bounce management and unsubscribe processing

Return on Investment

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Increased membership
  • Streamlined operations

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