Brille24, the leading online optician in Germany, used Selligent to enhance its customer data and build out automated, personalized digital marketing campaigns to drive sales and boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.








The Customer

Brille24 is the leading online optician in the German-speaking area, offering more than 800 different models of glasses.

Founded in 2007, today Brille24 has more than 1 million customers in more than 117 countries.

The Challenge

In 2015 Brille24 launched a campaign called “Optician’s Journey”, with many variations designed to engage both new and existing customers.

The goal of the campaign was to increase sales by acquiring new and re-activating lapsed customers, build loyalty and enrich customer profiles with additional data points.

“Optician’s Journey” targeted a segment of buyers and non-buyers with a total reach of 81, 304 email recipients.


The Results

The Selligent platform was able to incorporate a number of personalization and dynamic content elements in each mailing, resulting in 37.440.000.000 possible variations. Additionally, the platform was able to enrich Brille24’s customer profiles with new data points that can be leveraged for all future communication.

The results of the campaign were fantastic and because of its huge success, Brille24 is looking to execute the same campaign automatically every month for customers who didn’t received the email or have not opened it yet.

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