Crédit Foncier, a French real estate loan company, uses Selligent to optimize cross-selling to existing clients and track the cost of acquisition for all new leads, increasing conversion rates to 3%.


Crédit Foncier


Financial Services and Insurance

Agency WNP - Tagora



The Customer

For nearly 160 years, Crédit Foncier has positioned itself as the specialist in loans for real estate in France. As a market leader in their industry, they employ 3,330 people and operate primarily through direct sales via their network of over 250 affiliates. As a result of government subsidies for home improvement loans Crédit Foncier wanted to launch a new set of financial products on the market.

With the support of their agency Tagora, Crédit Foncier decided to start from scratch, with a new team, and to rethink the entire marketing approach for the activation of home improvement loans.

The Challenge

  The challenge was double:

  • Firstly, optimize the cross-selling of home improvement loans to existing clients and – as such – owners of real estate properties
  • And secondly, optimize the acquisition of new clients using online lead generation tools only

To develop the multichannel marketing approach they opted for Selligent.

Crédit Foncier and Tagora chose a “test-and-learn” approach to optimize the roll-out strategy. Therefore, the launch started with a pilot period of 3 months. During that pilot period, they tested multiple messages, to multiple segments, via multiple channels within multiple flows or scenarios. Not only did Selligent allow all possible combinations. Every single approach was also measured, evaluated and instantly visualized in the ROI dashboard.

The Results

As a result, Crédit Foncier was able to track the cost of acquisition for every lead or client. More importantly, it became obvious which channels were generating the better leads.

As an example, a specific campaign targeting existing clients who had been buying real estate property 6 to 7 years before showed a very high return on investment.

The cross-selling campaign to existing clients resulted in a 3% conversion. Testing revealed that a print mailing followed by a phone call resulted in a conversion rate that was 7 times higher than for the print mailing only. The online efforts for the acquisition of new clients resulted in more than 3000 new leads.

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