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For CMOs and marketers, a customer segmentation map or analysis provides much-needed insight into their customer base and helps to answer important marketing questions, including:

  • Who are your most and least profitable customers?
  • Which customers are most likely to buy your products or services?
  • Which products and services are your customers most interested in?

Based on the answers to those questions, Selligent Marketing Cloud provides a true omnichannel marketing solution for improved customer interaction and engagement, which includes complex testing and analytics tools to help you map your marketing efforts to each customer's needs. 



Benefits of customer segmentation analysis

The benefits of using customer segmentation analysis come from recognizing that every customer is unique—a simple truth every organization's marketing strategy should reflect. 

Companies that employ customer segmentation understand the importance of targeting increasingly smaller groups with messages that appeal to that specific audience to better understand their preferences and to more effectively allocate their marketing resources.

Along with providing you with clear answers to the questions mentioned at the beginning of this article, a customer segmentation analysis will also help you decide how data should be gathered.


A platform offered by Selligent Marketing Cloud

Our platform serves as an operational database, creating a unified profile for both anonymous visitors and identified customers to help you target with timely offers and individualized content. Never before has customer segmentation analysis been so simple!

Some features of Selligent Marketing Cloud include:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface that requires no internal IT resources
  • Data models that are designed around your schema and can be modified as programs evolve
  • Online reporting and notifications to keep your team up-to-date and to promote a sense of transparency
  • Campaign creation tools for web, social, email, mobile, and more
  • Lifecycle journey map tools to streamline your campaigns across channels

Not only will our platform help you reach and engage your audience, it will help you effectively segment customers to ensure you are providing the most relevant information to each group.

Additionally, it will automatically generate the data needed to measure and analyze customer reach, acquisition, and retention to help you build a more satisfied and loyal customer base.

Are you ready to see what a proper customer segmentation analysis can do for your clients? Contact Selligent Marketing Cloud to learn more about your customer base today!  

“We've been a customer of Selligent for almost 6 years and our relationship with Selligent has allowed us to be more 1-to-1: to be more relationship focused, be less batch, less blast and really communicate with our members”

-InterContinental Hotels Group


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