Find Video Email Software with Selligent

If you're in need of a video email software, Selligent Marketing Cloud has the relationship marketing solution you're looking for. Since our merger with StrongView, our email marketing platform gives marketing directors or CMOs like you the freedom to create the perfect email campaign as it tracks and analyzes its success and growth. Learn more about Selligent Marketing Cloud's relationship marketing solutions.

Revolutionize Your Video Email Marketing with Selligent Marketing Cloud

Video content has become one of the most popular forms of advertising today, so why not embrace videos in your next email marketing campaign?

With Selligent Marketing Cloud's relationship marketing solutions, you'll have the power to include videos and content with which you've previously won your audience. By introducing a new, dynamic element to your marketing strategy, your target audience will respond with higher click-through rates.

Our solutions allow you to use dynamic elements to deliver personalized, data-driven content directly into your customers' inboxes. By allowing your customers the opportunity to interact with your brand even before they open your website, you'll be able to reach a larger audience and even increase forward rates to new audiences you may not have accessed before. 

Let Selligent Marketing Cloud Help You Create Your Next Email Campaign

No matter what marketing strategy you're planning next, let Selligent Marketing Cloud make it easy. Our line of relationship marketing solutions extend across channels to help you qualify, quantify, and analyze your company's successes. Together, we will focus on your customers' engagement, your internal organization, and any untapped audiences to drive your ROI.

With video, images, and content, you will reach your potential with a single solution. Check out our white papers to learn more about creating dynamic email content, or you can contact Selligent Marketing Cloud today and find out how to get started.


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