Targeted Email Marketing Services for CMOs

By investing in targeted email marketing services, you can improve the effectiveness of your email campaign and analyze customer behavior and demographics. Selligent Marketing Cloud's omnichannel marketing engagement platform gives you an interactive landscape to help you plan, target, and retarget existing and potential customers—encouraging them to engage in your brand across multiple channels.


How Targeted Email Relationship Marketing Works for You

The future of email marketing rests in the marketer's ability to adapt to surroundings. The art of optimizing an email for representation on multiple screen sizes is called responsive email design. To create a responsive design that will work 100% on every device, you need to look at what the most popular devices are amongst your users. This way, you have an idea of which devices should be targeted.

With Selligent Marketing Cloud's relationship marketing solutions, you will be able to track and monitor activities of your existing customers based on their search histories and interactions with your website. Meanwhile, your customers will experience a more personalized relationship with your company's brand and services right in their inboxes. 

You will see a 360° view of your current and potential customer interactions using our featured "super profile," based on the integrated data gathered from your campaign. This includes:

  • A unified profile of each of your customers to analyze and target prospective ones
  • Flexible model data that reflect profile information, online behavior, purchase history, and more. These models are defined by the unique requirements of your business or current campaign strategy
  • Quality data of the most up-to-date view of your customers
  • Visualizing data through charts, trees, bubbles, grids and Venn diagrams that show where your campaign targets have effectively overlapped
  • Identified patterns and trends by utilizing sophisticated data mining, behavioral tracking, and a unified profile for your customers

Start Your Email Marketing Campaign with Selligent Marketing Cloud

Even in our earlier years, Selligent Marketing Cloud has been the sought-after voice in industry marketing and CRM association. Today, we have evolved into an international leader in relationship marketing innovation. Our solutions have connected businesses to customers in effective and efficient ways. Just take a look at some of the notable brands that have found success with our marketing services.

Learn more about our targeted email marketing services and solutions, and make 1-to-1 relationship marketing a priority through real-time personalization.

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