6 Tips for Successful Email Campaigns

The most successful email campaigns are those that are personalized to resonate with customers and provide companies with a solid return on investment. But creating an email marketing campaign that captivates your customers while accomplishing your sales goals can be difficult. Here are six tips for creating successful email campaigns. 

6 Tips to Create Successful Email Campaigns

1. Personalize your messages.

Email campaigns should be personalized with messaging that is relevant to each customer's current context. Did a customer add an item to his or her cart and abandon it? Did the customer request more information about your services but then never follow up? By understanding your customers' behaviors, you can personalize how you interact with them. 

2. Don't limit yourself to email.

It may sound counterintuitive, but email campaigns shouldn't just involve email! The most successful email marketing campaigns take advantage of cross-channel marketing. Once customers read your email, make sure your message is received by targeting them with the same message on social. 

3. Test your campaign. 

You won't have a good idea of how your email campaign is performing if you aren't testing it. Take advantage of A/B testing to see what resonates with your customers the best. You can start by testing simple elements, such as your subject line and call to action. 

4. Measure your success.

Make sure you are creating or receiving reports on your campaign. Reports help you learn what messaging works and what doesn't, as well as identify opportunities for optimization. 

5. Optimize your content.  

Now that you've identified opportunities for optimization, it's time to follow through. If your content doesn't work the first time around, or you've learned from your A/B testing that certain messaging works better than others, go back and optimize it. And don't only optimize your content, also look at optimizing your scheduling and cadence for maximum effectiveness. 

6. Purchase an email marketing solution.

Creating a successful email campaign isn't always an easy task. If you want to make sure your email campaigns are doing their job, try implementing an email marketing solution like Selligent Marketing Cloud.

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