Segmentation Methods

No marketing professional can say that every one of their customers is the same. Each customer has different communication styles, interests, behaviors, and preferences. Customer segmentation methods allow a marketer to divide current and potential customers into groups based on similar characteristics.

How Customer Segmentation Methods Personalize Experience

Multi-channel marketing can be personalized to each individual group’s needs and behaviors. This increases repeat customers, upselling, conversions, and referrals. With segmentation methods, customers can be sorted into groups based on criteria such as:

  • Geographic location
  • Demographic characteristics
  • Behaviors and interactions
  • Lifestyle features

With an emphasis on personalization and one-to-one relationship marketing, Selligent Marketing Cloud has mastered the art of segmentation methods for companies in all industries. 

Behavioral Retargeting and Defining Strong Segments

Having the exact same conversation with every consumer causes businesses to lose out on crucial opportunities. Selligent Marketing Cloud’s advanced behavioral retargeting system works to:

  1. Analyze consumers’ behaviors online
  2. Group them into segments based on similar behaviors
  3. Send personalized messages and customized calls to action
  4. Win back stagnant customers and upsell current customers

The strategic behavioral retargeting technique used by Selligent Marketing Cloud is proven to get results. Roularta Media, a Belgian multimedia company, used the behavioral segments defined by Selligent Marketing Cloud’s system throughout all levels of marketing and customer communication. The company now seamlessly offers personalized marketing to all consumers and is experiencing an unparalleled spike in brand loyalty and increased overall spending.

Data’s Role in Building Strategic Segmentation Methods

Using segmentation methods leads to more satisfied customers, higher sales price points, and an increase in new customers. Marketers use data, testing, and analysis to create successful customer segmentations. Some of the data and testing collection methods used by Selligent Marketing Cloud include:

  • A/B and multivariate testing to learn customer preferences
  • Responsive design that shows customer consumption of content
  • Cadence management and message prioritization
  • Customizable reporting tools to collect pertinent data

Segmentation methods that use data results and analysis allow marketing to be created at a personalized level. These customized messages are stronger and more relatable and produce successful results on all marketing channels.

Marketing professionals are learning the importance of one-to-one relationship marketing and just how effective consumer segmentation methods are. With a focus on strategic behavioral retargeting and data collection, Selligent Marketing Cloud has helped many marketers design contextually personalized campaigns with customer segmentation methods.

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