Marketing Secrets - Real-Time Personalization

Real-time personalization is the process by which companies simulate the in-store process of customer interaction and engagement online to drive acquisitions and conversions. This is done through messaging, data tracking, and other information collecting processes.

Although 77% of marketers value real-time marketing as integral to their daily operations, most of them had trouble:

  • Personalizing content through messages
  • Improving marketing effectiveness/response rates
  • Improving customer retention
  • Harnessing Big Data
  • Driving ROI through sales

Selligent Marketing Cloud provides omnichannel campaigns and lifecycle management tools that overcome the obstacles other marketing firms struggle to implement in their real-time personalization.

Our omnichannel approach to real-time personalization allows marketers to provide more engaging content by collecting and analyzing email, mobile, web and customer care data to create 360° customer profiles. Our integrated technology and data management solutions are easy to operate—linking behavioral and customer data through a broad range of features, all at the lowest prices compared to other omnichannel solutions featuring real-time personalization.

Traditional Problems with Achieving Real-Time Personalization:

  • Disconnected data housing
  • Complex systems
  • Privacy
  • Training
  • Under-resourced and overburdened IT teams
  • Too many vendors across channels
  • Integration issues
  • Disconnected inbound customer care processes 
  • Poor visibility into prospect and customer behavior

Why We Thrive

Data mining and integration can be a complicated mess. Our goal is to make the process simple for you to reach today's hyper-connected consumers.

We offer a single software solution that manages all of your cross-channel data for you in real time. Our live content tools allow customers to see updates and product information as soon as it is posted. You’ll see faster results with less hassle, and increase your ROI in no time.

Our Solutions:

  • Intelligent platform that enables you to engage and activate your audience
  • Simple and approachable interfacing
  • Rapid onboarding
  • Customized training and support
  • Solution design and custom implementation
  • Global partnerships with a network of leading agencies
  • Multi-touch, omnichannel campaign creation
  • Drag-and-drop decision branching and test cells
  • Analytics-free data exploration

Activate Your Company in Real Time

Customers want their favorite brands to respond to their needs immediately. At Selligent Marketing Cloud, we know that being responsive requires real-time data-driven communication. No matter what channel your customer accesses your products from—mobile phones, company websites, or through social media—our real-time personalization strategies help you start a dialogue immediately.

We can make real-time data available for targeting and segmentation and also be leveraged by other systems. We have done it for many notable brands across several industries. Our track record speaks for itself.

Contact Selligent Marketing Cloud today and find out how real-time personalization can help grow your marketing efforts.


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