Omnichannel Relationship Marketing

Omnichannel relationship marketing is a type of marketing that targets audiences across all possible channels, from web to email to social. Often the term omnichannel marketing is used interchangeably with multichannel marketing.

However, the two are completely different tactics. Multichannel marketing focuses on maximizing the performance of channels individually, while omnichannel marketing focuses on enabling customers to better use specific channels simultaneously.

 Benefits of Omnichannel Marketing

In today's technology-focused market, customers are more connected to companies than ever before. For example, we can now use our mobile devices to read reviews on products and even search for retailers who offer the same products for lower prices—all while standing in a store looking at the product in question. 

Because omnichannel marketing takes into account the different ways customers are simultaneously engaging with a brand, it gives brands a strategy for improving their customer experience as well as driving ROI. With omnichannel marketing, you can get better insights on your customer and increase your brand exposure all while driving your revenue. 

It's all about the "micro-moment" or "intent-driven action powered by an Internet enabled device." By implementing a customer-centric engagement strategy, brands can use these moments to push personalized, relevant content that will drive conversions and create valuable relationships with their customers. 

Omnichannel Relationship Marketing Solution from Selligent Marketing Cloud

Selligent Marketing Cloud's omnichannel relationship marketing solution enables marketers to find cross-channel opportunities (web, email, mobile, surveys, and more) and create personalized campaigns from a single platform. With Selligent Marketing Cloud, you can:

  • Create multi-touch, decision-based communication streams
  • Design lifecycle campaigns that incorporate touches across all channels
  • Create, personalize, test, launch, and optimize campaigns
  • Improve production efficiency 

But that's not all. Selligent Marketing Cloud also enables you to create "super profiles" for customers using Customer OneView, personalize content and retarget customers based on real-time data, optimize and measure campaigns for success, and scale to meet advancements in technology.

Our results speak for themselves. Find the success many brands in several different industries have found with Selligent Marketing Cloud.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you launch better omnichannel relationship marketing campaigns. 

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