Omnichannel Engagement Solution

Omnichannel engagement builds upon cross-channel marketing by collecting, analyzing, and incorporating all available customer data into marketing campaigns. When customers interact with a brand, they leave behind key data points (or footprints) such as previous purchases, locations, and preferences.

Understanding the context in which customers access information and purchase products makes it possible for marketers to anticipate behaviors and deliver a more personalized experience across all channels

Selligent Marketing Cloud

Selligent Marketing Cloud’s omnichannel platform serves as an operational marketing database. It provides marketers with insight and customer engagement capabilities, including the analysis and activation of on-domain browsing history, personal data, purchase data, online behavioral data, response data, and other supplied data sets in a simple and cost-effective solution.

Universal Profile

An important component of Selligent Marketing Cloud is our Universal Profile module, which allows users to generate a “super profile” of each contact for analysis and targeting—with no need to manually merge data from different sources. All site activity and cross-channel communications are captured and leveraged to enhance customer profiles. Universal Profile is a key component in Selligent Marketing Cloud’s 1-to-1 relationship marketing approach, which emphasizes contextual messaging to drive long-term loyalty.

Onboarding Benefits

Another key component of Selligent Marketing Cloud is a proven, open-architecture methodology for onboarding that makes it possible for customers to begin in just a few short weeks. The platform’s intuitive interface is flexible, scalable, and secure, enabling the launch of integrated omnichannel campaigns quickly and efficiently. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to design email communications and other cross-channel messaging.

Omnichannel Solution | A Contextual Approach

At Selligent Marketing Cloud, we aim to help you improve existing performance with the integration of our omnichannel engagement platform. Engage customers in real time and make your approach to marketing contextual—so you can better understand customers' purchasing journeys and cater to their unique buying needs. 

Not only is omnichannel marketing essential for marketers trying to reach a broad audience, but it's the only way to truly create a more personalized, one-on-one experience for every customer. 

For more information on the omnichannel platform, contact Selligent Marketing Cloud today.

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