Integrated Marketing

Incorporating multiple channels in a marketing strategy is an effective way to stimulate consumer engagement. Using an integrated approach enables CMOs and marketing professionals to identify consumers and interact with them across various channels.

Incorporating Multiple Channels in Marketing Strategy

Did you know a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%? Leveraging consistent brand messages across multiple channels is a key factor in cultivating consumer engagement.

A successful marketing campaign revolves around the needs, interests, behaviors, and triggers of the contemporary cross-channel consumer. Integrated dialogue based upon those factors will fully engage consumers in a long-standing consumer relationship with the company brand.

Why Choose Fully Integrated Marketing?

Contemporary cross-channel consumers expect businesses to employ unified integrated marketing methods even though they may not fully understand this strategy. Savvy, on-the-go consumers want personalized content across all channels when, where, and how they want to receive it.

CMOs and marketing professionals need to collect and analyze consumer data to marry a cohesive strategy that cultivates 1-to-1 relationship marketing and personalization across all channels while leveraging consistent brand messaging.

There are challenges to fully integrated marketing, however, including the following.

  • Decentralization – Customer data management is nearly non-existent because the company doesn’t have a centralized customer database.
  • Impersonal Online Interaction – The content management system (CMS) is only designed to optimize website pages, not to maximize consumer experience through personalization.
  • Disengaged Email – Batch-and-blast campaigns deliver duplicate messaging to extended groups of the customer base without engaging individuals in personalized communication.

Taking the Integrated Marketing Route

Integrated marketing will ultimately increase consumer engagement and loyalty, thus ensuring an increase in ROI. Lost revenue occurs when current integration processes are complicated, when CMOs and marketers don’t fully understand their choices regarding featured products, and when the old-school way of doing things wins out over innovation and technology.

There are several advantages to using an integrated marketing suite.

  • Dedicated Marketing Database – Data from current systems, such as a central customer database, can be integrated into a dedicated marketing database that is linked to various execution systems.
  • Website Personalization – Personalized web pages can be created and augment the current CMS system.
  • Email Service Provider – Current email systems can be replaced with full email service provider (ESP) proficiency, regardless of the required email volume.
  • Increased Value – The ROI on integrated marketing systems is high because it’s no longer necessary to purchase various solutions.
  • Brand Consistency – The customer experience will be consistent throughout all channels.
  • Operation Simplification – Daily company operations become simplified through a user-friendly interface, which is a solid solution for increased consumer engagement.

All of these integrated marketing system advantages will increase the productivity of everyone on the marketing team. By using an integrated marketing approach, users can generate consumer interaction situations that span channels and time, all powered from one consumer view.

Additionally, this type of suite can deliver cross-channel execution engines, maximize marketing campaigns, and enhance customer interaction to drive conversion rates. CMOs and marketing directors will be able to strategize effective campaigns, efficiently coordinate their teams, develop accurate budgets, and precisely track ROI.

Contact Selligent Marketing Cloud to learn how an integrated marketing approach can deliver a user-friendly, cost-effective strategy for creating perfectly targeted personalized campaigns.


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