5 of the Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes

You already know your emails need to grab attention, but there are several basic email marketing mistakes that can cripple any marketing campaign before it begins. At Selligent, we want to help CMOs avoid the pitfalls of a bad email marketing campaign.

Top 5 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

1. Unsolicited Messages and No Subscription Links

The golden rule to email marketing is to never send your messages to anyone who hasn’t given you permission. You don’t want your email to go straight to someone’s SPAM folder.

How do you avoid the dreaded spam folder and maximize the chance of inbox targeting? Avoid triggering words, such as:

  • Dear Friend
  • Free - Free offer, Free trial, Free application, etc. "Free" can cause spam issues when used in capitals
  • No obligation
  • No risk, low risk, risk free
  • "Click here," or "click below"
  • Order now
  • Click to be removed
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Call now (to register)
  • Limited-time offer
  • Urgent matter
  • Potential earnings

The best approach to gaining mailing list subscriptions is to add a clear opt-in subscription link on your company website or mobile site. This gives customers the chance to choose to receive information from you. It's also an email marketing best practice to provide a good opt-out strategy if a customer does decide to unsubscribe. Make sure to make it a smooth transition, but not too easy of a process. Provide alternatives for opting out, but above all, leave on good terms.

2. Not Having the Right Subject Line

The most crucial part of your email is your subject line. Make it simple. Make it informational. Make it worth opening. Don’t embellish or mislead in your message. If your subject line reads, “Exciting New Product” and features an already established product that has been out for months, your customers will call your bluff and unsubscribe. Avoid capitals for entire words or phrases, and only use special characters if they create value.

3. An Off-Base Target Audience 

The biggest way to lose customers is to send out generic, one-size-fits-all emails to every customer at once. Earn customer loyalty and avoid unsubscribing with market segmentation. While every CMO or marketing director segments in some way, it's important to utilize 1-to-1 relationship marketing, creating a uniquely personal message for every customer

Geographic, price, demographic, and psychographic segmentation allows for personalized email campaigns. At Selligent Marketing Cloud, we help to define your target audience by collecting data across multiple channels to discover product interests, location demographics, and buying behaviors through customer profiles. Your customers will appreciate the attention to detail regarding their needs.

4. Not Engaging Your Customer

So you’ve got your mailing list compiled and your target audiences segmented and sorted—what now? Don’t let your marketing strategy fall by the wayside. A general sweet spot for mailing lists is three to four a month. Of course, customers who have opted in for promotional emails or custom tags may receive more, depending on availability. Having a double opt-in feature embedded in your emails for frequency is a good way to keep customers informed.

Remember, sending too many emails is just as bad as not sending them frequently enough. Encourage the viral effect by making it easier for your audience to share your email by providing social sharing links. To decrease the chances of spam complaints, explain to your recipients why they are receiving the email. 

5. Sending Without Testing

An untested email campaign is a missed opportunity. A/B testing, or sending out two versions of a single email, is a great way to find the best performing format for future campaigns.  

Email Marketing Opportunities

At Selligent Marketing Cloud, we know that email marketing is still the most widely used channel for interactions between companies and their customers. As part of a customer-centric strategy with integrated email marketing and holistic dialogue marketing, our relationship marketing solutions help transform the way you communicate with the world. Learn what it takes to design and send emails, launching a successful email marketing campaign. 

Contact Selligent Marketing Cloud to start ramping up your email marketing efforts today!


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