The 6 Best Email Marketing Metrics Tactics

Every omnichannel marketing campaign should include a customized email touchpoint strategy. Engaging consumers with personalized messages gives them a direct path to your products and services without having to leave their homes. Measuring progress through email marketing metrics such as open rates, conversion rates, and more helps to connect businesses with consumers more effectively.

At Selligent Marketing Cloud, we help improve the quality of your campaign through data-driven metrics—such as intuitive authoring tools, triggered and lifecycle messaging, and more—and real-time solutions that get you and your consumers the answers you need.

6 of the Best Email Marketing Metrics 

Email is the number one way to reach consumers online. Beyond writing organized content that speaks directly to your target audience, a successful email campaign should include ways to measure your metrics. Understanding how people interact with your emails can identify your campaign strengths and weaknesses.

Listed below are some of the most common email marketing metrics:

1. Open Rates

Open rates measure how many people have actually opened your emails. A good open rate typically ranges between 20-30 percent for beginner campaigns. This metric doesn’t translate well for niche markets, however, so don’t be discouraged if your open rate is lower at first.

There are many easy ways to improve your email open rate, including writing catchier subject lines. Increasing your click-through rate and share-rate metrics will help you get more opens as your name becomes more synonymous with quality campaigns.

Selligent Marketing Cloud uses customer data to develop personalized subject lines to increase open rates. 

2. Click-through Rates

Simply put, once your email is opened, click-rates measure the percentage of clicked links embedded in your email. Adding links in your email campaign can re-route consumers to sales pages, white pages, maps, and more with ease.

Increase your click-through rate by adding links, videos, large buttons and optimizing your emails for mobile users. Don’t get too heavy on link-building, otherwise your audience may be overwhelmed.

Many campaigns may seem as though they have high engagement when in reality, this may not be true. To avoid a short-sighted view of click-through rate, Selligent's approach is the following equation for an engaged click-through rate:

Clicks – Unsubscribes = Engaged Clickers

Engaged Clickers/Delivered = Engaged Click-Through Rate

3. Conversion Rates

This is the single most useful metric when measuring ROI. Conversion rates show the success of your campaign through action. How many people signed up to your newsletter through a link in your campaign? How many added an item to their shopping carts? How many added a profile or added an event to their calendars or social media?

With Selligent Marketing Cloud's help, Extra Space Storage increased email-attributed conversion rates by 50% and rentals from mobile devices by 23%

4. Unsubscribe Rates

Unsubscribe rates measure how many consumers don’t want to receive further emails from you. The best way to keep these individuals is to know when to send emails, measure the best frequency rate for sending emails to your audience — daily, weekly, or monthly — and giving relevant information in your campaign. A great way to curb unsubscribing is through targeted emails and segmentation. These personal approaches ensure your content reaches the audience most likely to open and read your campaigns regularly.

Selligent Marketing Cloud can help ensure you're leveraging relevant content for consumers if your unsubscribe rates are climbing.

5. Bounce Rates

Bounce rates measure the percentage of emails that didn’t reach their intended address either because they were marked as spam or the address no longer exists. Keeping updated records of consumers ensures your mail will reach its destination.

6. Sharing Rates

Sharing is caring! Sharing rates measure how many times your emails have been forwarded. A successful campaign can double or triple your reach and gain new contacts. Adding information that can be shared across social media is another great way to increase growth.

Optimize Email Marketing Metrics with Selligent Marketing Cloud

With Selligent Marketing Cloud, you can create and extend sophisticated campaigns with wizard-driven simplicity while delivering millions of personalized messages in minutes. 

At Selligent Marketing Cloud, we suggest A/B testing your campaign to measure multiple responses to variable designs, as well as personalizing messages for targeted audiences. With Engagement Sphere, you can take advantage of a full authoring tool to create, edit, and manage all of your content, including templates, landing pages, web forms, and surveys. 

Our track record with many notable brands speaks for itself. Contact Selligent Marketing Cloud today for an insight-led engagement platform for omnichannel execution. 


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