Email Marketing Goals

To align with your email marketing objectives, you need to be able to rely on a high-performance, scalable cloud-based infrastructure. How can you market smarter and create lasting email marketing goals? By leveraging a single software solution for data aggregation, audience segmentation, email mobile, social, web, and customer care.

If you don't set the right marketing goals, how will you know if your email campaign was a success? Goals help you measure what was successful or what failed in your campaign — and what you'll need to change in the future. Consider these helpful suggestions to determine what your goals should be.

Tips for Email Marketing Goal Setting

Today, innovative email and cross-channel marketing goals require more than catchy subject lines and a clean HTML template design. You have to ensure a consistent and contextually relevant message that anticipates the needs of your customers and prospective customers.

You need a cross-channel email marketing solution that can pull real-time data from different systems and then use that information to instantly reveal updated content via dynamic content blocks within the email. Having both short- and long-term goals are critical to expand your marketing reach.

Here are some goals you should consider before launching your next campaign:

Expand your email list

Your email list is the backbone of any email marketing campaign, so make sure your list is reaching an increasing audience. Those who choose to opt into your mailing list are people who have shopped with your company before and who are interested in learning more about your services. Therefore, make sure you're giving your audience a reason to sign up and remain subscribed.

Find opportunities to cross-sell

When you have your audience, introduce them to more than just the services they already know about. For instance, if your customer previously purchased a campaign management solution, you can use your newsletters to show this customer about your retail management products.

Listen to your audience

Whether you focus on analytics or conduct A/B testing, you can give your audience the opportunity to tell you what they like and what they don't. If you see more conversions with one subject line over other lengths — or if you see a higher unsubscribe rate after making a noticeable change to your newsletter content or appearance — take note, and make necessary changes moving forward.

Start Your Marketing Campaigns on the Right Foot

At Selligent Marketing Cloud, we not only manage your email marketing campaigns, but we're also able to successfully redirect and retarget your audience based on behavioral metrics and your goals. Don't market to the wrong crowd: let Selligent Marketing Cloud's relationship marketing solutions do the talking through cross-channel messaging

Our omnichannel engagement company will provide real-time connections to customer databases, assemble messages quickly and efficiently, support integrated cross-channel marketing triggers and messaging, and optimize performance with real-time automated programs.

Contact us today to create personalized email marketing goals.

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