Tips and Strategies for the Best Email Marketing Campaign

In the new digital marketplace, every touch point can help to build lasting relationships with customers. A successful email marketing campaign has the potential to reach more customers, collect data, and drive ROI more cost-effectively than any other marketing method.

At Selligent Marketing Cloud, our strategies are designed to help you build a better email marketing campaign with audience targeting, email personalization, detailed analytics, and more.

Strategies for a Better Email Marketing Campaign

The following are 8 successful email marketing campaign tips:

  1. Start with an objective.
  2. Use a clear subject line.
  3. Use direct copy and a call to action.
  4. Have a clean list.
  5. Use A/B testing.
  6. Measure your opens to sends ratio.
  7. Measure your click-to-open rate on your call to action.
  8. Measure your success.

With these guidelines in mind, why not utilize a cost-effective email strategy designed to reach your target customers through 1-to-1 relationship marketing and segmentation? Selligent Marketing Cloud will help you better allocate resources and make informed, data-driven decisions to drive ROI and effectively connect with customers. In fact, Selligent Marketing Cloud can help you create a uniquely personal message for every user. 

Selligent Marketing Cloud Solutions

Selligent Marketing Cloud provides comprehensive solutions for marketers that include:

  • Customer segmentation. Customer segmentation helps you focus email campaigns on a target audience for personalized messages. Our simple, guided workflows analyze and define your audiences based on their actions, purchase history, or CRM profile data. A targeted campaign can turn your low-performing customers into high-performing customers in real-time.
  • Optimize and Measure. Meet your customers’ expectations every time by analyzing and utilizing collected data. See how your customers are interacting with your brand through touch points, and develop a winning marketing strategy from their habits. Measure your open-to-send ratio and your click-to-open rate with easy analytics. Test out hybrid campaigns with our A/B testing tools, and learn which strategies are getting you the best open rates.
  • Customer OneView. Data is the key to building a better email marketing campaign. Selligent Marketing Cloud's relationship marketing solution serves as your operational marketing database, allowing you access to your on-domain browsing history, personal data, purchase data, online behavioral data, response data, and more.
  • Campaign Management. Reach your customers more effectively with our cross-channel platform, designed to connect all of your outbound marketing. Connect your email with SMS, push, social, websites, and more. Our multi-touch approach to digital marketing helps you create, personalize, test, launch, and optimize your email marketing campaign with ease.

Start Your Campaign Today with Selligent Marketing Cloud

You can count on Selligent Marketing Cloud to deliver the best email marketing campaigns for your business. Brands across many industries have seen the results our platform can deliver. Easily design and optimize complex customer profiles from one intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.

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