Examples of Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing yields an average 4,300% return on investment for businesses with an effective email campaign. But how do you know which strategy will work best?

By partnering with Selligent, an omnichannel marketing engagement platform, you will have the solutions you need to launch an email campaign that is personalized, effective, and data-driven.


Email Marketing Campaigns with Proven Results

Here are a few examples of effective email campaigns: 

Personalized Email Campaigns

  • Customer: Extra Space Storage. In 2015, Extra Space Storage was expanding to its highest occupancy levels ever with over 775,000 units. As a result, they needed a way to guarantee customer satisfaction through targeted emails.  
  • Campaign: By targeting emails to customers based on where they are in their lifecycle, Extra Space Storage was able to reach out and drive sales. Emails focusing on specific events such as packing, how to find a moving truck, or data-driven reservation reminders helped to bring a personal touch to their email campaign.
  • Results: Extra Space Storage boosted their rentals by 23% using a mobile-first email marketing campaign.

Multi-Channel Email Campaigns

  • Customer: Chronodrive. French grocery firm Chronodrive offers online ordering solutions with customer drive-through pick up service at 50 locations. They wanted to personalize their emails, respond to a broader number of customer transaction scenarios, and expand their touchpoints to mobile communications.
  • Campaign: Replacing their ESP with an omnichannel solution that was optimized for mobile made transactions easier, quicker, and more effective.
  • Results: By utilizing an omnichannel platform, Chronodrive was able to drive their ROI dramatically through a 3-5% increase in their open rate.

Template-Driven Email Campaigns

  • Customer: SECRETSALES. SECRETSALES is a membership-based website that offers deep discounts on major brand merchandise from fashion, accessories, health, beauty, cosmetics and housewares. Their unprecedented growth called for a targeted email marketing campaign that consistently updates new sales, reminders and order/shipment confirmations.
  • Campaign: In order to avoid confusion, SECRETSALES needed a consistent, template-based platform to organize customer data and deliver results. Their email campaign strategy involved creating dynamic templates that could be modified to include customer profile data. Each email could then reflect personal buying trends, preferences and purchase history.
  • Results: This campaign saved SECRETSALES time, improved their efficiency, increased their online sales, and strengthened their customer loyalty by giving customers personalized, easy-to-read emails that added value.

Selligent Marketing Cloud | Your Omnichannel Engagement Platform

At Selligent Marketing Cloud, we believe targeted email marketing campaigns can help your business reach new heights. Good email marketing does not only create benefits for the sender, it will provide benefits to the recipient, too. 

Selligent Marketing Cloud's customer-centric, omnichannel approach to email marketing can help transform the way you communicate with customers, building customer engagement and loyalty. Not only did it work for the three clients mentioned earlier, but we've driven marketing results for brands across numerous industries.

Contact us today to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns!


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