Customer Segments

To utilize customer segments, marketing professionals divide their consumer base into groups of people who are similar in gender, age, interests, and spending behaviors. Accurate segmentation involves using analysis tools that provide precision segmentation maps.

How to Better Segment Customer Groups

Marketers can segment customers groups by location, purchase history, and other data. This type of analysis can provide understanding with regard to which individuals will purchase products and stay loyal to the brand and which products and services customers want.

During an online survey, research and advisory firm Forrester found that 66% of email vendors put precise segmentation capability at the top of their wish lists. The right omnichannel marketing solution provides complex testing and analytics tools that enable companies to market effectively, increase customer interaction and engagement, and meet each consumer’s needs through 1-to-1 relationship marketing and personalization.

The Importance of the Right Platform

Customer segmentation and analysis is made simpler and more effective when a platform that serves as an operational database is used. Such a platform creates a unified profile for identified consumers and anonymous prospects, so  marketing professionals can accurately target individuals with well-timed personalized content.

A platform that will take your marketing strategy to the next level includes the following features:

  • A user-friendly interface that doesn’t necessitate internal IT resources
  • Data models that can be designed and modified as programs develop and evolve
  • Notifications and online reports that provide current data to all relevant departments
  • Streamlined, multi-channel campaigns through effective lifecycle journey maps
  • Operational tools for social, email, web, mobile, and more for campaign creation
  • A customizable, interactive dashboard that provides a multifaceted view of customers
  • Individual-type reporting that is collected from each channel daily and focuses on comprehensive interaction levels
  • Automatic generation of data to quantify and evaluate customer reach, procurement, and retention, so the customer base will be satisfied and loyal

1-to-1 Relationship Marketing

Customer segmentation is an important factor in creating a personalized approach to cultivating brand awareness. CMOs and marketing professionals need to embrace the concept of 1-to-1 relationship marketing to ensure that a unique personal message is created for all consumers.

The right platform enables marketers to maintain and investigate data or real-time reporting of customer behavior procured from customer segmentation. Creating an emotional connection with customers is a vital aspect of relationship marketing.

Identification and Application of Data

Customer segmentation enables marketing professionals to comprehend their customer base. Cross-selling and up-selling opportunities can be optimized when companies use segmentation to better understand their consumers. They can identify and apply that data to enhance their marketing strategy.

  • Ascertain the appropriate data to procure
  • Collect and assimilate data from various sources
  • Create effective segmentation methods for data analysis
  • Disseminate segmentation data to pertinent departments
  • Implement applications to efficiently oversee procured data

Segmentation Case Studies

Our platform has helped many companies across different industries find improved marketing results. The following of Selligent Marketing Cloud's case studies proved that customer segments are essential to a company’s marketing strategy.

  • Audi utilized data management, analytics, and segmentation to create an effective omnichannel marketing campaign that resulted in 10,000 qualified leads in the promotion of its Audi A4 Sportback. The company created an interactive digital campaign to generate leads before the car was available to look at or be taken for test drives. All of those leads were qualified, and those individuals were brought in for test drives.
  • Smartphoto is a subsidiary of Specter Photo Group and offers personalized photo products. Expanding beyond its traditional marketing approach, it utilized omnichannel capabilities for customer segmentation, analysis, and engagement. With its “Centralized Decentralized” Strategy, it was able to manage a central system, globally share best practices, and allow local teams to conduct and implement effective marketing strategies.

Contact Selligent Marketing Cloud for details on how to better understand customer groups through customer segmentation and creating the most effective marketing strategy to cultivate brand loyalty.

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