Gain Insights with a Customer Intelligence Platform

To better understand your customers' motivations and buying habits, you can leverage a customer intelligence platform to quantify and analyze your customers' spending habits based on demographics, analytics, and data mining. Selligent Marketing Cloud's relationship marketing solutions can help businesses like yours turn data into effective customer retention and re-marketing strategies.

Find a user-friendly relationship marketing solution that combines customer intelligence with custom, live, dynamic content creation, testing, data, and analytics. 

From Customer Intelligence Software to Marketing Solution

Relying on an organized and actionable collection of customer data (customer intelligence) is important to understanding the motivation of a particular group of customers and driving higher ROI from your marketing campaigns.

Internally, this customer data can be generated through customer interactions, whether online through browsing histories or in person at physical retail stores. Externally, data can be gathered through several different sources, falling into one of these three categories:

  • Personal demographics: Age, income level, debt level, educational profile, marital status, etc.
  • Geographic demographics: Rural areas, big cities, small towns, etc.
  • Attitudinal data: Survey results, contact centers, reviews, etc.
  • Situational customer data: Location, time of engagement, and device type.

With Selligent's true omnichannel solution, you can gather CI through a number of different channels, including customer care, email, mobile, web, and social interactions.

Empowering Customer Intelligence with Selligent Marketing Cloud

Selligent Marketing Cloud is the only multi-channel marketing solution with integrated analytics for consumer-first marketing. Our platform provides the four essentials needed to create an accurate and effective marketing program:

  • Integrated data in a single platform for big-picture planning
  • Interactive data to visualize customer analytics
  • Best practice analytics and modeling techniques to discover meaningful patterns

With our simple point-and-click functionality, Selligent Marketing Cloud allows you to quickly and easily navigate data that your customers generate to easily construct your next marketing campaign.

Our platform has rapidly changed the way businesses see marketing. We've worked with some of the biggest brands across many different industries.

 Contact Selligent Marketing Cloud today to change the way you see your business.


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