Cross-Channel Marketing Software Solution

Cross-channel marketing or omnichannel marketing is the best way for marketing directors to reach their target audience across any channel and on any device. But without the right cross-channel marketing software, creating an effective campaign can be difficult.

The omnichannel engagement solution from Selligent Marketing Cloud takes the complexity out of setting up cross-channel campaigns and makes it easy for you to connect with your target audience with better execution capabilities.

Target Your Audience Across Every Channel

With Selligent Marketing Cloud, you can identify cross-channel marketing opportunities, create campaigns, and launch them with ease. With our easy-to-use platform, you can make sure your personalized message is seen and received by your customers on any channel. Target customers through multiple channels, including email, mobile, social, web forms, and surveys, and make the most of every opportunity. 

With Selligent Marketing Cloud, you can:

  • Create contact profiles. Customer Oneview allows you to create a "super profile" for each contact so you can analyze their behaviors and target them precisely. 
  • Deliver personalized messaging. Contextual personalization makes sure your messaging is relevant to each customer's current context. 
  • Retarget customers based on behavior. Behavior retargeting helps you target individuals with similar data profiles by grouping them together. 
  • Manage cross-channel campaigns. Campaign Management enables you to quickly and easily launch cross-channel campaigns and engage from a single platform, providing you with better execution capabilities than traditional solutions. 
  • Optimize and measure customer interactions. View analytics on customer behaviors then use the data to optimize your content to meet their expectations. 
  • Scale to meet your needs. Selligent Marketing Cloud is secure, flexible, and easily scalable, meaning you can modify how our platform works for you as new channels emerge and old channels evolve. 

Get Started with Selligent Marketing Cloud Today

Don't waste any more time trying cross-channel marketing products that don't work. At Selligent Marketing Cloud, we believe one-to-one relationship marketing is the approach every CMO or marketing director should take. We'll provide you with more information on how our solution can work for your company. We have a long list of winning results to prove it.

End your search with an omnichannel engagement platform by contacting Selligent Marketing Cloud today.

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