Cross-Channel Marketing | Definition

Marketers and CMOs know that omnichannel marketing definition is a marketing tool to track and capitalize on a user's behavior across multiple devices to increase conversions. But did you know it's also one of the fastest growing marketing trends companies have adopted today? Cross-channel marketing strategies help brands reach out to prospective and current customers in new and powerful ways.


Solutions by Selligent Marketing Cloud include cross-channel marketing capabilities that bring brand awareness across devices and channels. 

Cross-Channel Marketing Examples

The bigger your audience, the more important it is to understand which of your marketing strategies work better than others. With cross-channel marketing, you can analyze the effectiveness of your email, social, mobile, or advertising marketing campaigns toward increasing your company's ROI. 

For instance, if a user is browsing for a product on your website, but doesn't go on to purchasing it, you can use cross-channel marketing to remarket the product he or she looked at (or related products) in another medium, including advertisements on another web page or through email campaigns.

Differences Between Cross-Channel, Omnichannel, and Multichannel Marketing

While cross-channel marketing follows the users' activity to increase conversion, multi-channel marketing allows users to get exposed to your products through multiple devices, or channels, no matter where they are. Whether a user is on the computer, mobile device, tablet, or in-person at your retail location, a multi-channel marketing campaign can ensure your products and services are readily available. 

Meanwhile, omnichannel marketing combines the essence of cross-channel and multi-channel marketing. It provides a seamless integration and marketing experience between all channels that a user or customer has used to interact with your company. Omnichannel marketing can provide an all-inclusive solution for engaging customers while driving revenue and loyalty.

Selligent Marketing Cloud Brings Omnichannel Solutions to Life

At Selligent Marketing Cloud, we know it takes more than a good brand to make a business successful. We offer solutions to help you grow your business with superior customer acquisition, engagement and loyalty. Our omnichannel solution provides audience engagement via:

Contact us today when you're ready to define cross-channel, multi-channel, and omnichannel marketing by the terms of your business.


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