Best Email Marketing Service

To find the best email marketing services for your business, look for an omnichannel marketing solution that helps you reach new subscribers and build lasting customer relationships. Selligent is an omnichannel marketing engagement platform that helps marketers engage customers with relevant messaging via the right channel.

Marketing automation is so valuable to marketers, and yet less than 10% of companies implement marketing automation.The goal of Selligent Marketing Cloud is to help bridge this gap and bring comprehensive B2C marketing solutions to marketers who want to acquire more customers and better engage with the customers they have to drive ROI.

Selligent Marketing Cloud: Comprehensive Solutions for Marketers

Selligent Marketing Cloud is a marketing engagement solution that leverages a single software platform for:

  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Web, forms, and surveys
  • Data aggregation
  • Audience segmentation

With our easy-to-use interface, you are in complete control of your customer interactions, making it simple to navigate, edit and track your marketing touchpoints and campaign data. Additionally, you have the ability to tailor campaigns more effectively with robust online reporting and data tracking.

Additional features and benefits of Selligent Marketing Cloud:

  • Customer OneView. Selligent Marketing Cloud makes it easy for marketers to put their customers first with universal customer profiles and flexible data management. Customer OneView enables you to gather and track on-domain data to better analyze and define your audiences. This helps to better target customers with similar data profiles and group them appropriately. 

  • Simple onboarding process. Selligent Marketing Cloud's open architecture and proven methodology for onboarding make it possible for customers to launch in just a few short weeks.

  • Intuitive interface. Our intuitive interface is flexible, scalable, and secure, enabling you to launch integrated omnichannel campaigns quickly and efficiently. In fact, you have the ability to send millions of personalized messages in minutes. Additionally, Selligent Marketing Cloud's drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to design email communications and other cross-channel messaging.

  • Higher productivity. Selligent Marketing Cloud helps streamline your workflow by automating several areas of marketing. With Selligent Marketing Cloud, you can refine your personalized selling approach, optimize scheduling and cadence, and learn from past experiences to work more efficiently going forward.

The key to finding the best email marketing service for your business is to find a company that automates more than just email. With Selligent Marketing Cloud, you will drive higher conversion rates and larger purchases by building a long-term relationship with your customers across every touchpoint — digital and online.

Selligent Marketing Cloud also enables you to define the business rules you need to provide relevant content that customers value. Join the list of major brands who have found marketing success with Selligent Marketing Cloud. Contact Selligent Marketing Cloud to improve your marketing services today!

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