Podcasts are a gold mine for digital marketers. Need a quick primer on Google’s mobile-first index? There’s a podcast for that. Tips to boost your SEO? Podcast! Advice on better public speaking, the pros and cons of influencer marketing, or secrets of B2B Facebook Targeting? Podcast, podcast, podcast.

The problem with podcasts these days, however, is that there are just too many. Apple recently put the number at 525,000 active podcast shows with more than 18.5 million episodes in over 100 languages.

So how do you find the good ones?

We asked our team members here at Selligent Marketing Cloud about what they’re listening to and they came up with this snappy list of six winning digital marketing podcasts. Time to find your earbuds and tune in.

1. Confessions of a Marketer

Recommended by Troy Smith, Head of Success North America

Hosted by seasoned marketer and writer Mark Reed-Edwards, Confessions of a Marketer covers all things marketing from a variety of angles. Each episode features a special guest for an in-depth interview, for instance, a discussion of what GDPR means for marketers with the CEO of Wunderman data, Jacques van Niekerk. Perfect to get inspired by what leaders in the field have on their agenda and stay on top of future trends in our industry.  

“The episodes are the perfect length – quick, with a variety of topics and guests,” says Troy Smith, Head of Success, North America at Selligent Marketing Cloud.

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2. Marketplace Morning Report

Recommended by Gregg Turek, Digital Marketing Manager North America

Marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum, so it’s great to keep up with current events on the world market. In a snackable six-minute format, Marketplace Morning Report gives you a head start of the day with three updates throughout the morning. Without fail, the Global, Markets, and U.S. editions provide insights and analysis of the news as it happens. Google Plus shuts down? It’s on the report same day with perspective on the ramifications across several industries. As mandatory as morning coffee.

“The Marketplace Morning Report is an awesome listen for starting the day, with business news, the numbers, and interesting, relevant, topical stories. It helps me get my day started,” says Gregg Turek, Digital Marketing Manager, North America at Selligent Marketing Cloud.

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3. What It Means by Forrester Research

Recommended by Katie Banchick, Director of Analyst Relations

Customer-centric marketing is more than just a buzzword. For the analysts at Forrester, it’s a cold, hard science and they share their premium insights on the weekly What It Means podcast. Supported by plenty of metrics and expert guests, the 30-minute episodes drill down on cutting-edge subjects in engagement marketing. As a special treat, Forrester executives discuss newly released reports such as the 2018 US Customer Experience Index. Recent highlights include a superb Holiday season primer on the kind of experiences that customers demand in 2018 (also make sure to read our Selligent eBook). If you subscribe to only one of these six podcasts, this is the one.

“I personally love this podcast - Forrester is one of the most influential research firms in the industry and they leverage that expertise really well. I’ve found that the podcast covers a fairly wide variety of topics, and I think it would be a good resource for a marketer looking to learn more about the existing and potential impact of technology in their business,” says Katie Banchick, Director of Analyst Relations at Selligent Marketing Cloud.

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4. Trail Blazers

Recommended by Troy Smith, Head of Success in North America

Hosted by decorated journalist Walter Isaacson, a prominent voice in tech and known for writing Steve Jobs’ biography in 2011, Trail Blazers is a constant source of enlightenment for marketers. Learn the background stories behind disruptors such as Airbnb. Hear about the latest trends in advertising with trailblazers Seth Godin and Dave Droga. And most of all, broaden your horizons with emerging trends in fields as diverse as video games, Formula 1 racing, and sneakers.

“This one is pretty inspiring. What you end up getting is a pretty objective 30-minute storytelling session on industry disruptors, on the people willing to take chances and learn from them,” says Troy Smith, Head of Success, North America at Selligent Marketing Cloud.

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5. Harvard Business Review Ideacast

Recommended by Linda Shum, Marketing Specialist, Corporate Marketing

Every week, the editors at the Harvard Business Review invite a special guest to talk shop about an emerging subject or technology. At about 15 to 30 minutes in length per episode, the show tends to cover a surprising lot of ground. If you go back at the archive, there’s an impressive repository of in-depth content on most major industry topics you can think of (over 650 episodes and counting). Recent standouts include a session with Beth Comstock, the first female vice chair at General Electric, about getting creativity right from a corporate perspective, and Kathryn Hume, VP of integrate.ai, on designing AI to make decisions.

“This is a great podcast for someone who’s interested in learning a little bit about everything - from getting leadership tips, learning about common managerial concerns, and background on some of the most relevant business issues of the day”, says Linda Shum, Marketing Specialist, Corporate Marketing

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6. MarTech Podcast

Recommended by April Mullen, Director of Consumer-First Marketing Adoption

If bleeding-edge marketing technology and business innovation are your jam, this is your podcast. Seasoned martech expert Benjamin Shapiro shines a light on the individuals driving change in our industry. Each episode features an innovative marketer’s career journey and the inside tips learned along the way. It’s a heady mixture, perfect for marketing nerds. From a special focus week on AI or Data Privacy, all the way to video advertising, search marketing, and B2B email marketing – MarTech Podcast delivers the actionable info CIOs and engagement marketers crave.

“This one has a great mix of content because it’s data and technology-heavy, with an emphasis on practical advice and how-to information,” says April Mullen, Director of Consumer-First Marketing Adoption at Selligent Marketing Cloud.

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