Let us take a moment to walk in the shoes of our consumers. Think back to your last consumer experience. With many factors and brands at play…what made you take the leap of faith with a brand and purchase their product or service?

In today’s consumer environment, the competition that companies face is at all-time high. In a vicious arena vying for market share and sales, companies have moved away from traditional marketing strategies and embraced the future of marketing: customer centricity. 

Customer Centric marketing allows for companies to foster relationships with both their current and prospective customers. In order to nurture and strengthen these relationships companies must be able to connect to these customers in a relevant and personal way. To deliver tailored content and offers to your prospective and current customers you will need targeted information and insight into their preferences. The question then becomes, how do you gather this critical information about consumers’ likes and interests?  Marketing automation tools such as the Selligent platform allow you to understand exactly who you are communicating to with a 360 degree view of that individual’s customer profile. Thus, allowing for relevant content and offers to be sent to that person. 

The end goal? Loyal customers. Customers that engage with your brand, spread positive word of mouth messages and most importantly, stick with your brand for life.


So how do you kick it up to the next level?

Fresh Approach – A unique approach that sets you apart from competition but fulfills what your target consumers are looking for in a product or service

Multi-Channel Engagement – Use a variety of methods to target consumers especially in today’s digitally connected world

Positive Customer Experience – Did you connect with the buyer on a personal / relatable level? Did the content, attitude, and vision fit the persona? Was trust built? 

*Deliver Better Value – Increased customer service, added features etc. This further differentiates your brand from the crowd… your brand is willing to go above and beyond for their customers.


Ready for an example?

Carmel Winery and Catit Restaurant in Tel Aviv, Isreal recently highlighted in a Buzzfeed article “This Restaurant Has Plates Designed To Make Your Meals Look Perfect On Instagram,” have teamed up to provide their consumers with a memorable and unique experience. They have combined their respective products and services to place the consumers (and their interests) first - enhancing the value for their customers and setting themselves apart from competitors.

By catering to a popular trend among their target consumers, now known as foodography which is defined as the act of taking artful pictures of food and posting them within the Instagram application, Carmel Winery and Catit restaurant were able to creative a personalized and targeted experience for their consumers. From the special foodography menu with visually appealing dishes to the special plates specifically ordered and designed for placing a camera or spinning to the perfect angle to take artful and tactful pictures of meals, Carmel Winery and Catit have gone out of their way to devise an innovative and engaging experience that their customers can connect with and promote to their friends, family and social networks.

To read the whole Buzzfeed article click here.

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