We’re pleased to report that Selligent has been named a 2019 “Hot Vendor in Customer Experience” by Aragon Research, an independent research and advisory firm. This series of reports from Aragon recognizes noteworthy, visionary, and innovative “Hot Vendors” in various markets such as customer experience (CX), conversational intelligence, sales engagement, customer journey mapping, and conversational AI, among others. Selligent is one of only four companies identified that are making a difference with their customer experience offerings.

Recognition like this validates our Selligent technology and its ability to shatter the silos that exist within organizations; barriers that result in disjointed customer experiences. As our CEO, John Hernandez, commented, “Marketers today are increasingly responsible for delivering value, relevance, and ultimately, seamless experiences to consumers. This makes this recognition all the more fitting as our platform truly empowers companies to deliver the ultimate CX.”

The State of CX

Providing a unified, seamless customer experience has never been more essential for brands than it is today. We all have our own “worst customer experience” story. Like when you keep getting ads for products you already purchased. Or that time you called a company to resolve an issue, only to be on hold for 30 minutes and then find out the call center has no record of your online issue.

The reality is, consumers are more connected than ever – and their expectations are rising. They want relevant, personalized experiences, with interactions that take place seamlessly on any channel, at any time. Brands must stay laser-focused on building truly great customer experiences – and marketers need to maximize every moment with consumers, by aligning marketing, sales, and service to create a unified, real-time CX.

Delivering a New Level of CX

Every customer has a unique journey. That’s why at Selligent, we designed our AI-powered omnichannel marketing platform to provide a 360-degree view of every single customer. We tie everything together into a Universal Customer Profile, which provides a single view of every customer interaction, every data point, every message sent, and every purchase. Our platform aggregates real-time multichannel data to empower marketers to deliver relevant content and offers at the right moment and on the right channel. We make it easy for marketers to capture all activity... because the more you can understand a customer’s past behavior, preferences, and engagement with your brand; the more precisely you can analyze and target him or her for the future. And our platform effectively bridges the gap across marketing, sales and service, merging all customer data to deliver the kind of ultra-personalized, relevant, and seamless customer experiences consumers expect today.

According to Jim Lundy, Founder, CEO and Lead Analyst at Aragon Research, in the Hot VendorsTM in Customer Experience, 2019 report, “What makes Selligent hot is its ability to create a holistic view of a consumer’s profile and automate the engagement process throughout the customer journey, including creating and delivering dynamic content that is tailored to meet the needs of the customer/prospect.”

We encourage you to download a copy of this free report for an in-depth look at how the world of customer engagement is changing, and to read more about why Selligent was identified as a “hot vendor” in customer experience.

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Hot Vendors in Customer Experience, 2019

Selligent was named a 2019 “Hot Vendor in Customer Experience” by Aragon Research, for making a difference with customer experience offerings. Read the report.

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Selligent was named a 2019 “Hot Vendor in Customer Experience” by Aragon Research, for making a difference with customer experience offerings. Read the report.

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