Contextual marketing isn't a fad; it's a fundamental change in how marketers reach out and engage consumers throughout the customer lifecycle. It's about a brand understanding the needs of a consumer in real-time, respecting their preferences and delivering value in that moment.  In essence, it's an evolution from brand-centric communications to consumer-first marketing. StrongView has long advocated for this shift and are pleased to announce a transformation in our business that will allow us to deliver against this promise globally.

On October 15, 2015, StrongView officially merged with Selligent, the world's fastest-growing provider of marketing automation and data management solutions. StrongView and Selligent share a vision for consumer-first marketing, and together, we have the global resources and expertise to help brands adopt this perspective. The merger brings together Selligent’s omnichannel campaign management and targeting expertise with StrongView's proven enterprise-scale email marketing capabilities. The end result is broader and more powerful solutions for understanding, engaging, and delivering value to customers across all channels.

Today’s hyper-connected consumers are empowered to engage with brands on their terms, and marketers must adapt to this new dynamic to stay relevant and maintain customer loyalty. StrongView and Selligent have pioneered technologies for understanding and acting on a consumer's context in real-time, and as a merged company under the Selligent brand, we will continue to enable marketers to embrace consumer-first marketing. You can learn more about this merger in last week's press release


StrongView and Selligent Unite to Take Contextual Marketing Global

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