Selligent is a technology company  and we are proud of the software that we have built. That said, we don’t measure our success on the number of lines of code that we have written or even on the quality of the tools we have built. When we look at what we’ve accomplished, we look only at our customers, the marketers we serve, and whether they have met their goals.

In these turbulent times, the challenges marketers face are ever more daunting.  Consumer behavior is changing, product lifecycles are shortening and competition is intensifying.  Fortunately, the power of the marketing tools is growing, too.  Just look at how much the Selligent platform has evolved in the last several years. But software, even the wonderful stuff cooked up at Selligent, is not enough.

That’s why we held the Riviera Summit  a couple of weeks ago in Nice.  We wanted to give our guests, the marketers in attendance, insights into the consumer behavior, to help them understand what they need to know to be successful by “Exploring 1-To-1 Engagement in the Age of the Hyper-Connected Consumer.” The record attendance at our event shows that thought leadership of this kind is needed now more than ever. And I am pleased to report that the day provided all of us, including me, with insights both for our daily work and for our planning for the future. 

I was thrilled to introduce Roy Vella to the stage for our kickoff keynote. Roy coyly framed his speech around his role as a “presentist”, and did indeed focus on the most significant technological and consumer trends of today, notably the rise of mobile and the always-on culture of the millennial generation. Yet for many of us, fully embracing these trends is today’s job and will inform our next several years of our planning. As marketers become “mobile first,” an enormous strategic transition will be required.

I was delighted to see the thought leaders throughout the day as they brought more color and depth to our key theme. Enno Jönsson from Facebook provided behavioral data about Millennials that could inform any marketers’ strategic planning, while Luca Paderni of Forrester provided rich insights about what a mobile-first mentality really means. Other industry leaders shared their expertise about topics ranging from customer journey mapping to responsive design, moving the conversation from theory into practice.

For me, however, the privilege of hearing several compelling client case studies from ING, Thomas Cook and, Samsung was particularly rewarding. I want to heartily thank our clients for taking the stage and sharing with the audience. Each case study highlighted how marketers are incorporating a wide range of big data analytics, multi-channel messaging and dynamic creative into their programs using Selligent. The campaigns couldn’t have been more varied.  While ING centered their campaign at outdoor festivals for Millennials, Thomas Cook targeted families researching summer holidays, and Samsung launched their cutting-edge new phone to markets across Europe.  These cases show the range of direct marketing today and the capabilities that our clients have at their fingertips to personalize their communication.

No doubt, clients deserve center stage at Selligent, and the highlight of the day was the evening’s Selligent Awards ceremony. Selligent was honored to select (mostly by our distinguished jury and one by popular vote) from a huge list of nominees, the campaigns that were the most successful, creative and comprehensive. To see more highlights from the awards, click here.


I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at next year’s Summit.

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