There’s no doubt that the right marketing platform can make a huge difference in the quantity and quality of customer communications your marketing team can execute.

And when it comes to marketing automation, there are some key tools that make our platform stand out from the crowd, including:

That’s why Selligent Marketing won 2018 Martech Breakthrough’s award for Best B2C Marketing Automation Platform. We are committed to building tools for the relationship marketer.

To that end, we’ve spent years building a tool that leverages the best of AI and machine learning to do what marketers need to do best: build, execute, and manage multi-faceted campaigns, seamlessly, across critical channels.

“In the world of B2C marketing, allowing marketers and brands to build relationships with consumers is a critical component of success, and one that has proven difficult with many of the marketing automation tools available today,” said James Johnson, Managing Director at MarTech Breakthrough. “Selligent’s focus on providing a solution designed for marketers to engage customers across all channels is powerful, and with their artificial intelligence engine, Selligent Cortex, the company is delivering a truly innovative platform. Congratulations to Selligent on their well-deserved 2018 MarTech Breakthrough Award.”

The  2018 MarTech Breakthrough Award also highlights our team’s incredible work in delivering a truly scalable marketing automation solution. Our platform offers a flexible data architecture through connectors and a robust API framework, so marketers can efficiently create multichannel journeys for every consumer, on any channel, and in real-time.

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