We completed our first Selligent Marketing Cloud global hackathon a few weeks ago. Teams around the world came together to innovate and collaborate, working on a 24-hour project of their own choosing.

For those unfamiliar, hackathons are sprints of innovation. People typically get together overnight to collaborate on a variety of projects to spark new ideas. Whether it’s to solve a particular problem, or to create or improve products or processes, the idea is to pitch a finished product at the end of 24 hours.

At Selligent Marketing Cloud, we shared this similar goal – to inspire innovation and give teams an opportunity to research, learn, and experiment with ideas outside of their current work. That is, of course, while eating pizza, drinking that nth cup of coffee or can of energy drink, and interacting with peers around the world. 

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Chris Botting kicked off the festivities with a brief message to participants and setting a key rule: have fun.

11 teams spread across Belgium, Germany, India, and the U.S. participated. Given our globally distributed team, we relied on chat and video conferencing to keep all “hackers” in touch throughout the night. After what was an all-nighter for some, we reconvened via video conference the following day for team pitches and to watch project demos. A select panel of judges picked an overall winner, while all employees globally voted for the Viewers’ Choice award. 

Boy, was the competition fierce! Some of the projects presented included:

  • An application to replace Excel that automates infrastructure meta-data management 
  • An Android and iOS app for remote approvals and push notifications of Selligent Marketing Cloud campaigns
  • A support team “heads-up” mechanism for speedy resolutions to customer cases
  • A dashboard that provides real-time user insights that brands can immediately act upon 

Who knows, you might just see some of these innovations integrated into Selligent Marketing Cloud! If this is your kind of challenge, check out our Careers page to join us for our next hackathon. 

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