Selligent Awards: Kruidvat wins both the Jury Award and the Marketer’s Voice Award


Selligent handed out its first Selligent Awards on 31 January 2013 in New York. With this international initiative, Selligent intends to put the best interactive marketing projects implemented on the Selligent solutions in the spotlight.

Two Selligent Awards are presented: the Marketer's Voice Award and the Jury Award. Kruidvat, a drugstore chain, won both awards with their 'Jouw extravoordeelkaart' loyalty card.

Kruidvat developed this loyalty card enabling customers to benefit from additional personal advantages over and above existing offers. Thus marketers at Kruidvat are able for instance to send out pregnancy-related e-mails, based on the expected date of birth - before, after and at the time of the birth. Kruidvat, working jointly with the 2organize agency, adopted an online cross-channel approach for the introduction of the loyalty card, including a dedicated website, web forms, e-mail and a mobile app. Offline channels were also deployed, such as POS (Point-of-Sale) material, in-store registration and the loyalty card itself.

The successful introduction of this multichannel loyalty program has generated impressive growth in cardholders and business results.

According to the Jury, Kruidvat has expressly opted for a multichannel strategy and has been able to combine both offline and online channels very well. In addition to this, the Jury was impressed by the multi-faceted way in which Kruidvat uses its online channels to create more interaction and greater consumer engagement. Finally, the jury underscored the impressive results achieved by this interactive project.

The Selligent Awards are to be handed out again this year. Businesses with a groundbreaking interactive marketing project for which the Selligent solution has been used can express their interest now.

Further information on the Kruidvat interactive project