AI bots, AR, mobile tips from Forrester, and more – here’s a quick recap of Day 2 at the Selligent Consumer-First Summit America in sunny Carlsbad on October 21th:

Extra Space Storage Case Study

Jennifer Stamper, Interactive Marketing Manager, Extra Space Storage

Jennifer Stamper shared how Extra Space Storage increased its email campaigns’ success after making a switch from pushing sales and discounts to supporting customers in their life transitions with helpful and relevant content in real time.


jennifer stamper


“Our customers are so much more than demographics and numbers”
“Think bigger. If you don’t know what your customers really need, how can you even sell to them?”
“We want to address customer questions before they even realize they have them. We want to add value and show we are here for them.”

Beyond Email: The Future of Marketing is Built on Trust and Context

Julie Ask, Author, Principal Analyst, and VP, Forrester Research

Julie Ask of Forrester discussed the challenges of branded apps and how to capture and engage hyper-connected consumers on mobile.


julie ask


“Your very best customer rely on your apps – not on your website.”
“Companies will manufacture mobile moments to drive engagement by offering utility, entertainment, or education.”
“There’s an arms race going for mobile moments. And most of you will watch from the sidelines.”

What’s Next?

April Mullen, Senior Marketing Strategist, Selligent

April Mullen of Selligent challenged marketers to rethink traditional marketing approaches and embrace mobile commerce, IoT, AR/VR experiences, and messaging bots.

april mullen



“The conversion funnel is collapsing. Your goal is no longer selling a click.”
“Understand your customer’s journey. Find the gaps that innovations can address and where you can be most impactful. Be realistic about what you and your brand can deliver.”

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